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World's Best Cat Litter
World’s Best Cat Litter

When I was waiting for Charlie and Trigg to come home, I decided to look into some options of how to handle things like litter, food, etc.  I realized that I was used to older kitties, but not to kittens, so I wanted to get some advice.

I consulted with Lanie of PalaceCats (she is an excellent communicator and has wonderful ideas), and she recommended I try World’s Best Cat Litter on them.  As a Ragdoll breeder, Lanie loves Worlds Best Cat Litter and is signed up with their breeder program.  As a result, she is able to offer all her kitten parents a kitten packet for when they go home.

So I contacted Worlds Best Cat Litter and asked them if I could get a kitten packet since my kitten’s breeder did not have that program.  Because Lanie was so crazy about it, I decided to go ahead and buy a 34 lb. bag at Petco.  It was definitely more expensive than the clay clumping litter I used on Rags.

Worlds Best Cat Litter and Charlie
World’s Best Cat Litter and Charlie

Worlds Best Cat Litter did send me a bag for free, which was very generous of them.  In fact, Worlds Best Cat Litter is being very generous in 2010.

So I tried it on Charlie when he first arrived and all he did was sneeze the whole time.  He was using Tidy Cat at his breeder, Soulmate Ragdolls, so it was a change for him.

Caymus' Face Dusted With World's Best Cat Litter
Caymus’ Face Dusted With World’s Best Cat Litter

So I changed the litter box to clay litter, as I still had some left over from Rags (and had kept some around because Caymus and Murphy came to visit while I was mourning the loss of Rags – well, still mourning that actually).

Caymus' Paws After Using World's Best Cat Litter
Caymus’ Paws After Using World’s Best Cat Litter

I decided to try World’s Best Cat Litter again, now that Charlie and Trigg are 7 and 6 months old, respectively.  Not impressed.  We will be going back to clay.  Here are the reasons why…

Why I Dislike This Litter:

  • The smell of the cat urine and cat poop is intensified
  • Gets all over the floor when the cats leave the litter box
  • Cats have a “dusting” of the litter on their coat and face when they leave the litter box – I feel like I am kissing the litter!  And they have to clean that dust off their coat with their tongues!
  • Leaves a residue on the towel that is outside of the litter box

Why I Like The Idea Of This Litter:

  • I am impressed with the company – their marketing tactics and their willingness to give away a free bag are really reputable!
  • Made from whole kernel corn!
  • 100% Biodegradable and 100% Natural
  • It’s a great concept!

Worlds Best Cat Litter – Review by Lanie of PalaceCats

When I was first started breeding I used clumping clay litter. I did not like how it smelled or how it became cement in the bottom of the litter box. With my first litter, I found that young kittens when they start to litter train EAT the litter for the first few days! They also get litter all over their feet as the step in their messes as they are learning to cover. So they also lick that litter off their paws!  I felt that if it turns into cement on the bottom of a litter box they how safe can it be for a tiny kittens stomach!! Plus I did not like the smell nor the fact that I had to dump and scrub the litter boxes every 2 days!

I choose to rear my kittens as naturally as I possibly can (the same as I raised my human children).  So, I started researching all natural litters that are non toxic if ingested and good for the planet too!

World’s Best Cat Litter Breeder Rewards Program

I found World’s Best Cat Litter (WBCL).  As a breeder, I love Worlds Best Cat Litter! I was very happy to find that they offered a breeder program. Every time I register a litter with them I receive $30 worth of coupons (2 – $10 off coupons on a 34lb bag & 2 – $5 off coupons on a 17lb bag).  The best part of the program though is that they send me  a free 7 pound bag for EACH kitten in the litter  (which is about a $10 value), coupons and I can sign them up for their wonderful rewards program so they can get more coupons! All they have to do is save their UPC’s and send them in to WBCL. Also I save MY UPC’s and for every 10 upc’s I receive another $30 in coupons!

Why I Dislike This Litter:

  • The smell is strange and takes awhile to get used to
  • Gets all over the floor when the cats leave the litter box
  • It stains their fur on their back feet. So I can not use it on any of my show cats whom have white feet!
  • The price is a bit steep even with the coupons.

Why I Love This Litter:

  • Their customer service is outstanding!!
  • Their breeder program is the best of ANY pet product on the market!!
  • Made from whole kernel corn!
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 100% Non Toxic (won’t hurt my babies if they eat it!)
  • Doesn’t stick to the bottom of the box
  • Litterboxes stay cleaner
  • It is readily available
  • Comes in large 34 pound bags
  • I end up using ½ the amount of litter as I did when I used clumping clay
  • It is flushable!

Have you tried World’s Best Cat Litter?

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Marzekiel says:

    I started buying WBCL a year ago. The Clay litter powder had terribly clogged my a/c air handler and powder covered everything. I LOVEd WBCL. I felt quite noble thinking if I or the cats were to inhale it, it would be biodegradable. And the removed clumps are so light compared to clay litter.

    However, after a while, I noticed that it starts to retain some odor, or the corn goes bad or something. It starts smelling SOUR. I got used to it, but still looked for something else. It certainly tracked and my vacuum was full of yellow powder.

    A few weeks ago, Zeke started peeing in the living room. Never saw him, but there was a lotta pee there, and virtually none in litterbox. No flutd and no inflammation, and no other problems. Sigh. I considered (too depressing) having him put down or back to no-kill shelter, but I couldn’t bear the thought.

    Yesterday, I bought Elsey’s Cat Attract, and he jumped in and peed with great relief (his and mine). He has used the box 4 times in 18 hours. Ariel wants to get in with him too as she loves it too. So good was the reaction, that I will buy another Elsey product for the other litter pan, and go totally away from WBCL.

    I don’t know what his problem was, as he failed his ESOL test. Was it the sour odor? The feel on his feet? I’m disappointed in WBCL but it’s really time to move on!

    FWIW, this is where I first read about Dr Elsey:

  2. World’s Best Litter is the BEST. Angel has allergies and used to sneeze terribly until I changed her to World’s Best. No more sneezing. I find it doesn’t intensify the odor at all. Quite the opposite for me. She does track outside of the box, but I have a mat there and it helps. I also find if I don’t change it completely every couple of weeks it gets very powdery. She really gets it all over her feet at that point. I’m home all the time so I can scoop each time she uses it. It’s flushable which is a real plus. I’ve had no problems with the septic. I highly recommend this litter.

    1. Jackie, I wish I would have had a better experience with it – I wanted to! Glad you do. Thanks for sharing.

  3. My roommate seems to like Tidycats litter and even I noticed the difference. In my opinion, Tidycats masks odors much better as long as your cat buries that is, it is inexpensive, and convenient to carry. The litter seems to last quite some time as well. Whenever it is I am able to adopt a Ragdoll of my own, I was planning on using Tidycats litter, but I will most likely conduct research for all my cat supplies when the time comes 🙂

  4. Christina says:


    I totally agree with you. I got this first for Teddy since his breeder was using Sweatscoop and I was a little worried about bugs found in that litter. So i tried WBCL and HATED it. It smells awful on its own! Not to mention how it smells with kitty pee on it! So I switched to Tidycats and Teddy has been very happy since. Another thing about WBCL i hated was how it trailed everywhere and not only stuck to my cat, but to ME. Thanks for your honest review!

    1. Please don’t make me laugh. Yes, I have almost converted the litter boxes back to clay and it is nice not to have to vacuum every day around the litter box. Glad Mr. Teddy is happy with his Tidycats. Charlie and Trigg’s breeder had them on TidyCats, but I love that I can take the container to Petco and refill it with clay litter – and it’s cheaper when I bring it in for a refill. Gotta love it when you can save some moo-lah.

      1. Christina says:

        Ooh I haven’t tried the petco version…is it fragarence free? I’ve been meaning to switch to F-free.

        1. Yes, fragrance free. It’s clumping – the only kind I like. Some people don’t like clay clumping because they fear that the kitties will lick it from their paws and it will clump in their tummies. I clean my litter boxes about 3 times/day (a habit I picked up in the last months of Rags’ life because he peed OFTEN and A LOT), so that wouldn’t be an issue….as there is nothing to build up – nothing to stick to their paws from previous trips to the box. Caymus and Murphy also use Petco clay clumping.

          1. Christina says:

            Awesome. I will try it when I run out of this one. I like the clumping litter too, and Teddy hates to get clay on his paws so I doubt he’d eat it. he has a mat outside his box and he sits there rubbing his paws on it. I have to clean his box at least 2 times a day because he’s not very good at covering what he left (sigh!) He’s getting neutered today…*missing Teddy*

          2. What is the mat? Will you take a photo of it and send it to me? i’d love to try something different.

          3. Christina says:

            I can take a pic if you need it when I get home

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