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Sapphireberry (aka Sapphire) came to Merlin’s Hope Cat Rescue in April of 2011 after her owner left her at a high-kill shelter. While she was at the shelter, she was so grumpy that shelter workers were ready to euthanize this poor girl, labeling her as “fractious.” We saw her on their website and contacted the shelter about rescuing her, but we were told she was not a good candidate for rescue due to her temperament.  Thanks to a wonderful volunteer from another rescue, Sapphire received a reprieve. After working with her for a few days, the volunteer contacted us and asked us to take her into rescue. When she came here, she was very grumpy, and again we were worried that she wasn’t going to make the cut here at Merlin’s Hope, but Sapphire (named for the beauty of her eyes) quickly showed her true colors as a sweet but sassy sealpoint Ragdoll.

So, what do we know for sure about our Sapphire? Well, our vet tells us she is about 5-6 years old and in the prime of her life. We do know that she is a Ragdoll mix.  She has the body style and the soft fur of the Ragdoll. We do know that while she likes other kitties, she would much prefer to be princess of her own home. So, how does she claim her own throne here at Merlin’s Hope?


Well, she has her own window seat where she guards the food bowl from all interlopers. It is actually kind of cute. She does share, however; she lets the others come and eat, but she refuses to leave.  She is way too regal to come out and play, but she does bat at the lizards that run across the outside of the window. Occasionally, she does deign to sleep at the foot of the bed and watch TV with the rest of us.

So, now that’s Sapphire’s sad story. She is just waiting and waiting and waiting at Merlin’s Hope for her new home where she can be the queen of the house just like she deserves. We will only let her go home in the Texas area, since transporting during the summer is very dangerous for cats and Sapphire is too special.


Sapphire is  spayed, FIV/FeLV tested, and vaccinated. She is ready to go home now. You can see more information on her at and/or can contact us at melindahug65 [at] The adoption donation for Sapphire is $150.

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  1. Caroline:
    Thanks. We are still crossing our fingers for this awesome girl. She so wants her own home.


  2. Hi
    Thanks for giving her another chance – I do hope she finds a nice home soon, she will soon be the centre of someone’s life, and they will wonder what they did before they had her, like I do with my Ted. Good luck Sapphire. x

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