Marley – Ragdoll of the Week

A Story of a Rehomed Ragdoll Cat

What led my husband and I to wonderful Marley was our other Ragdoll, Grayson.

Marley – Ragdoll of the Week 4

When we decided to get our first pet together, we did some serious research and fell in love with not only the beauty of the Ragdoll breed, but their unique personality. Grayson came from a reputable breeder and is considered our ‘first child’. When Grayson turned 3, we felt that it was time for another Ragdoll to join our family. I insisted that this time we would not purchase a kitten, but locate an adult Ragdoll who needed a home. My husband was looking online and sent me a link to a ‘Blue Bi-Colour Male Ragdoll’. The ad explained that Marley was 8 years old and looking for a new home, serious inquiries only. (Note – free classified ads are not where I recommend locating a pet. The history, and reason the animal is being re-homed, are often not clear or reliable.)

Marley – Ragdoll of the Week

I sent the poster a message asking for more information and after a few days of speaking, they agreed that what was best for Marley was for him to come home with us. When we brought Marley home he did not cry once in the car, which I took as a positive sign since Grayson will meow non-stop. To allow Marley time to adjust to all the new surroundings and smells we used separate areas of our house (thank you for the great advice posted on your site Jenny!). Marley did spend most of his first few weeks tucked away, however he was eating, drinking and other functions were normal. He was recently shaved prior to coming home with us, so we could tell he was a little insecure and of course was grooming quite a bit.

Marley – Ragdoll of the Week 3

I would sit with him and play classical music, do word searches and just speak to him so he knew he was safe. When he came up to me for the first time I thought my heart would burst! Wanting us to pet him, hearing him meow and seeing him play for the first time were so important and occurred at his own pace. We followed his lead and slowly the entire house became open for Marley to share with Grayson.

Marley – Ragdoll of the Week 2

We have only had Marley for 6 weeks now, but his progression and loving personality are a joy to witness. When each new milestone is reached, we are so happy and grateful he has accepted our family as his own. Marley loves to snuggle in your lap, have his belly rubbed and will follow us, along with Grayson, throughout the house. They eat, sleep and play together, and although Grayson is much younger Marley loves to jump and run around just as much. Anyone looking to adopt, please do consider a senior cat, they have so much love to give. Coming home and having these wonderful boys run up to you to say hello is worth more than I could ever explain to someone who has not been loved by a Ragdoll.

Marley – Ragdoll of the Week 5
Marley turns 9 next month, and we are looking forward to what our future with him has in store!

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  1. ABarletta says:

    How lucky Marley is that you found him! I agree, senior animals are special and so are the people who adopt them!

  2. So wonderful that your two boys are happy together. Your slow and careful introduction must have had a lot to do with that. Marley is so beautiful and that little beauty mark above his lip is to die for! Thanks so much for sharing his story and rescuing this baby!


    1. Kerrilee Prest says:

      Thank you so much for all your kind comments! Marley is doing great , it’s as if he’s always been with us!

  3. God bless you for adopting an older kitteh needing a good, loving furever home! What a wonderful story about adding Marley to your already wonderful family! So happy that everything worked out well with Marley adjusting so very well to you, your hubby, Grayson and your home! YAY!!! BIG CONGRATS on that!!! 🙂 <3

    Lurve the pics of Marley, too! What a handsome fella! Lurve his charcoal nose and that little grey spot next to it! Adore the pic of him and Grayson looking out the window! Pawesome! 🙂 <3

    Wishing all of you many, many years of happiness, good health, love and purry adventures together!!! 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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