Ragdoll Rescue: Maxx in Oregon

Last Updated on August 22, 2021 by Jenny

Ragdoll RescueRagdoll Cat Adoption Needed!

Maxx is a great purebred Ragdoll in need of a perfect home. His Dad is sorry to part with him but is moving a state away and into an assisted living situation. Maxx is used to traveling and would be great for a retired person or couple who like to RV! He is almost 9 but super healthy and very likely could live another 10+ years. He is a big guy at around 20#, uses his litter box faithfully and loves the scratching post his Daddy made just for him. He is scared of small kids and has met a quiet senior dog and was fine with him but has not been around other cat. He is in Oregon and we do not ship or transport long distances for adoption so if you are withing driving distance and have the type of family Maxx needs please feel free to fill out one of our Preliminary Screening Applications http://www.ragdollrescue.com/adoption-application.html

Kitty’s Name: Maxx
Name: Sharla
Where: Eugene, OR
E-mail: [email protected]

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