Celebrate National Pet Month With A Pet-Friendly Stay 

May is National Pet Month, and with millions of households worldwide owning one (or more) pets, it’s a great time to celebrate everything pets do. And what better way to celebrate than with a vacation? Here are 7 pet-friendly properties with special offers during National Pet Month.

The Art Hotel, Laguna Beach CA

Pet sitting on a bed at The Art Hotel.
Photo credit: Oceanic Enterprises.

The Art Hotel is in a great location close to the beach and has excellent walking opportunities nearby. You and your pet can rest well in modern, clean rooms.

Dog-Friendly Beaches

Friendly dog at The Art Hotel.
Photo credit: Oceanic Enterprises.

Many hotels, such as the Art Hotel, are just a short walk from dog-friendly beaches, making them ideal for letting your dog get outside and enjoy the sands.

Sands Inn & Suites, San Luis Obispo CA

The Sands Inns & Suites.
Photo credit: Oceanic Enterprises.

Whether traveling for business or leisure, Sands Inn & Suites has you covered. There are many complimentary amenities for owners, and pets will love the scenic walks nearby.

Pet-Free for National Pet Month

Cat sitting on the hotel desk at checkin.
Photo credit: Oceanic Enterprises.

Pets travel free to all of these properties during National Pet Month. Use the code PAWPERKS to take your pet with you for no extra charge for all bookings made during May. Guests also get an additional 10% off!

Onsen Hotel & Spa, Desert Hot Springs CA

Indoor pool.
Photo credit: Oceanic Enterprises.

The Onsen Hotel & Spa is an adults-only hotel with stylish, contemporary rooms, including a selection of pet-friendly rooms that are wonderfully cozy for humans and dogs alike.

Golden Gate Hotel, San Francisco CA

The Golden Gate Hotel.
Photo credit: Oceanic Enterprises.

The Golden Gate Hotel is situated in Union Square and is an excellent base for exploring the city. This hotel welcomes dogs and cats, too – great for cat owners who want to escape to The Golden City.

What’s Included with Oceanic Enterprises

Pet sitting on the bed.
Photo credit: Oceanic Enterprises.

Whenever you stay at one of these properties, you’ll always have access to a free pet bed and a bowl to use during your stay. That’s two fewer things to pack for your trip!

Lions Gate Hotel, Sacramento CA

The Lions Gate Hotel.
Photo credit: Oceanic Enterprises.

A former military base, the Lions Gate Hotel is now an upscale hotel with nearby parks that are great for walking your pet. Dog-friendly rooms are comfortable and well-equipped.

Special Treats on Arrival

A treat for pets at the hotel.
Photo credit: Oceanic Enterprises.

Every furry friend who comes on a trip with you to one of these properties can enjoy free special treats when they arrive, helping them settle in.

Mountain Valley Lodge, Sun Valley ID

The Mountain Valley Lodge.
Photo credit: Oceanic Enterprises.

Looking for a stay near Sun Valley? The Mountain Valley Lodge is in a picturesque wooded location, ideal for dog owners wanting to exercise with their pups during their stay.

Ponderosa Inn, Portland OR

Cat looking over the rails at the Ponderosa Inn.
Photo credit: Oceanic Enterprises.

The Ponderosa Inn is 15 miles outside Portland and surrounded by scenic parks to explore. Pet owners and families are welcome here, with fantastic walking opportunities nearby.

National Pet Month

Bengal cat with flowers. Gift for Valentines Day and Mothers Day. Isolated on backgroun.
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

National Pet Month is a vital time to celebrate the mental and physical benefits of owning a pet and highlight the critical work of organizations dedicated to animal welfare and rights. 

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