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Tucker's Face

Tucker, a 9-year old German Shepherd, had a TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement (TTA SURGERY)) done for an acute tear of his ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament ) on May 14, 2009.

Tucker lives with Caymus and Murphy, hence the reason he is included on the website. And well,, as much as it supports cats, wants to provide information and references for dog people as well!

Please find photos of Tucker’s TTA Surgery as well as videos of his rehab below.

The first incision.

Tucker's TTA Surgery Photo

Tucker's TTA Surgery Photo

Tucker's TTA Surgery Photo

Installing the plate. To learn more about this, please visit this website where they show how they are adhering it to the bone – The TAA Surgery – Diagrams of What is Done

Tucker's TTA Surgery Photo

Plate installed. You know when he wakes up, that’s gonna hurt.

The TAA Surgery – Diagrams of What is Done

Tucker's First Swim Therapy

The TAA Surgery – Diagrams of What is Done

This is the first exercise they did with Tucker. He’s on a teeter totter type of thing. The fluctuation of the weight helps to train him to use that knee again.

Tucker Tucker Boozie Buddy on the Teeter Totter.

Tucker going through the obstacle course.

This is Tucker in a life vest before he is getting in the rehab pool. He has such a wonderful disposition, not bothered by much.

Tucker in Life Vest

The Rehab Pool

The Rehab Pool

Tucker is put in the pool by the Rehab ladies. He eventually gets annoyed with the swimming and getting no where, so they start throwing a ball for him.

Tucker is taking a break from all the swimming and then he is going back in the pool!

Here’s a close-up of Tucker while he is taking a break from swimming.

Getting out of the Rehab Pool.

Tucker being dried off after swimming. He loves this part–look at the smile on his face! He’s like, “Ahh, that’s more like it! No more of that repetitive BS!”

All done! In the car and ready to go home!

Tucker After Rehab in Car

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