Cupid’s Story

by Jennifer
(Perth, Australia)

Sliding from husband's lap with style!

Sliding from husband’s lap with style!

We decided it was time to add another pet to our family. After loads of research on the internet and in books, my daughter and I decided on the Ragdoll breed. We then had to research local breeders and convince my husband (not too hard when he saw the photo of our baby). The breeder we chose was Fancyrags Ragdolls (, and we contacted Christine for details. She had a litter of kittens available and we selected one of two cute little mitted seals with a blaze born 8th Feb 09.

We had to patiently wait for him to mature to the right age of approx. 12 weeks before we could take him home. Chris would email us weekly with a new photo and details of his growth. It looked like he was going to be a big boy!

He was originally named Fancyrags Diablo by Chris but we asked him to be called Fancyrags Cupid as he’d already pierced our hearts with his little love arrow! Chris kindly arranged for this name to be registered on his pedigree and started calling him Cupid straight away.

Finally the day arrived and the excitement was almost too much! We attended the Anzac early morning parade then rushed home to prepare. We had bought him a new cat tree and the children made him kitten toys. He was delivered to us along with a litter tray, litter & kitten food. He was fully vaccinated, desexed, micro-chipped and came with pet insurance! There was nothing for us to do but love him and help him to feel secure in his new home.

From day one, he was laid-back and relaxed. I’d never seen a kitten like this, and I’ve had some previous experience as my mother used to breed and show Burmese cats when I was a child. I’ve experienced several breeds in my life but never encountered anything like this!

Cupid loved us all equally from the start and made sure that he shared himself around on each of our laps – often sliding off in his sleepy bliss! He eats a mixed raw diet and kitten biscuits and is always keen for a feed! He slept between my husband’s and my head from the first night and slept through soundly like a perrrrfect baby! He has never had a litter accident. In fact, one quirky trait of Cupid’s is to use the litter tray whenever we use the toilet!

He sits on my lap at the dining table and when we are having a family meal, he makes sure that he takes a turn lapping each of us. He laps me when I’m on the computer, watching TV, reading or just taking a lay down. He still plays like other kittens and is sometimes naughty too. He once tore one of our Sheridan valances neatly down the middle! Another time, he tore into the lace on my bed cushion then wrapped it around his neck nearly choking himself! I had to cut it off with scissors and have since removed all frilly/lacy bed & cushion coverings!

Our other two cats aren’t too keen on him and try and keep their distance (when Cupid’s not chasing them). Funnily enough, Shammie our Sheltie thinks he’s her baby and grooms and plays with him all the time. Their bond is just amazing to witness! I’ve never seen a dog & cat so close and adoring. Cupid loves to play chase with our dog and it’s probably the most exercise both of them get!

Cupid is now 5 months old and is getting darker and more stunning each day. His belly is still the softest fur and his eyes are still the brightest blue. He is without a doubt the most affectionate and placid kitten I’ve ever seen. He wakes me up with a kiss in the morning and follows each of us like a shadow. He loves to be cradled in my husbands’ arms and will stretch out on his back in typical Ragdoll style.

I’m never tired of spending time with him and sometimes find it difficult to leave the house! He’s certainly a pleasant distraction to my household chores! Cupid has added even more love to the lives of everyone in my family and I would certainly recommend Fancyrags Ragdolls to anyone in Australia looking for their perfect cat.

How much nicer would the world be if everyone owned a Ragdoll? They force you to slow down, relax and smile!

Cupid at 1-Year Old
Cupid at 1-Year Old

On February 23rd, 2010, Jennifer reported, “He’s just turned 1 and weighs 6 kilos!   Here he is today….even more striking than before!”

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Thanks for our baby Baby Boy! “Max” Fischer is doing Great! Wish I could have posted picture here with Santa Hat! We love him Dearly. Thank you

  2. Anonymous says:

    Jul 30, 2009
    They really are like any other breed or any other cat i’ve ever had!! I had quite a few kitties growing up at my parents house, but I stumbled upon a ragdoll breeder and my lil one just stole my heart with one look at those baby blue eyes!

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