My Cat Terrifies Me: What Should I Do?

Our furry friends are beloved family members to many pet parents. We can’t imagine them causing us anything but joy and happiness. However, despite the mutual love and affection between pets and their humans, there can be occasional friction.

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For example, Sheena, a cat owner, recently posted on an online pet forum describing her deep fear of her feline friend, who attacked her after being startled by a loud AMBER Alert. Sheena loves her cat and wants to keep her, but she’s not sure how to proceed. So, she asked for practical advice on how to overcome her dilemma.

Here are some suggestions for the baffled and battered owner on how to calm her kitty cat and stay safe:

Promptly Seek Medical Care for Wounds

Sheena describes receiving deep scratches to her face and scalp that bled profusely. Numerous folks advise seeking medical attention as soon as possible to have their injuries checked out.

Scratches and bites seem like minor annoyances, which are part of the cost of having a cat, but they can be serious. For example, these wounds can easily get infected with bacteria and may even require a tetanus shot.

Cats and Loud Sounds Don’t Mix

Humans find sudden loud noises (like AMBER Alerts and other emergency alerts) startling. So imagine how cats, with their super sensitive hearing, must feel.

A feline parent states, “Loud sounds just freak some cats out. Repeated exposure may help here. I’d also bring this up during your next vet appointment to see if anything medically might need to be done.”

Multiple owners agree with the advice, recounting incidents of their cats attacking them after being startled by loud noises.

From the Cat’s Perspective

A forum member urges Sheena to view it from the cat’s perspective, writing, “This happens sometimes. The panic you had while being attacked? He was feeling the same panic without context or understanding.

All he knew was something loud and frightening was happening, and his little cat brain chose ‘fight’ rather than “flight.'” Multiple users agree the cat acted instinctively and not maliciously.

Other Noise Triggers

The piercing sounds of an AMBER Alert or other emergency alerts aren’t the only noises that can cause cats distress.

Others describe how the sounds of people arguing, furniture being moved across a hardwood floor, a breaking vase, hand clapping, and even the Mario Kart 8 video game cause their cats to panic and attack.

Awareness of these triggers can save a cat and its human from a terrible, frightening experience.

Redirected Fear Aggression

One scientifically explains why Sheena’s cat reacted violently: “redirected fear aggression.” The cat was terrified by the sound of the AMBER Alert and took its aggression out on the nearest available target.

They advise, “Give your cat some time to settle down. Odds are extremely high that this was a one-off event, and in a week or less, your cat should settle down and resume its normal behavior with you.”

Remember, a Cat Is Still a Cat

As much as cat owners love their fur babies, one person writes it is important to remember that a cat is a cat, and cats are going to be cats.

They warn Sheena to “Be careful around them for a bit. Slow movements, try not to act scared around them, and focus on positive interactions. For example, hang out nearby while they’re eating, use some toys and treats, etc.”

Knowing how cats behave can help us reduce the stress they feel when exposed to loud or startling noises.

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