Tamago – Ragdoll of the Week

first time i saw tamago

I never cared for white cats; especially those of the long-haired variety. I thought them too much maintenance, for how could you keep their coats clean and mat free? I could not ever picture myself having one.

But then my friend’s cat had a litter of kittens. 3 kittens fluffy ragdoll-cross kittens.  I went to see them, (because who could resist?) and I found myself drawn to the little white one with the grey koala nose, and bright blue eyes. But we had two cats already, and didn’t need another one. Besides someone else would surely want this adorable little ball of fluff.

Tamago wants the omelet

About 6 weeks went by, and my friend told me that she still had one kitten left: my little favourite was still without a home. So I discussed it with my boyfriend, and, after meeting her, he decided that we could handle one more.

After having her for a couple weeks, we were still at a loss for what to name her. We wanted a name that suited her, and that complimented the names of our other cats. We considered just about every name in existence, but nothing seemed right.

all curled up

Well one day I made omelets for breakfast. While my boyfriend was eating, kitty decided she wanted his omelet, and would not take no for an answer. She climbed onto his lap, up his chest, and reached for his plate. He pulled her away, and she cried and cried and contorted her little face in the most ferocious way she could. It was probably the cutest thing I’d ever seen, and it was that moment that we decided to name her Tamago, the Japanese word for egg. An odd name for an odd kitten.

Getting bigger

As Tamago got older, her grey nose turned into a brownish-grey mask, framing her icy blue eyes perfectly. Her personality has transformed her from a curious, mischievous, fearless kitten, into a strange, sassy, affectionate, cuddly, playful, sweet, beautiful cat. She charms everyone she meets with her unbelievably soft coat, gigantic fluffy paws and baby blue eyes. She will cuddle up on your lap (when it’s cold) and loves smushing her face against yours when she’s particularly happy. And she headbutts everything in sight. Any legs dangling from the couch, or resting on the coffee table, will find themselves the target of her headbutt-y affections.

One of my favourite things about Tamago is that she loves boxes and box rides. We initially bought a cardboard tank for her, and my boyfriend would pick her up in it and fly her around the house so she could see everything. She has since become somewhat of a fat cat, and doesn’t fit in the tank anymore. But she still likes box rides!

By the window

She loves sitting by the window, or on the couch with her front paws crossed, looking like the classy lady that she is. And she has the cutest milk mustache I’ve ever seen. She follows us around the house with her tail curled into a question mark, and loves to be where we are. She’s mostly an indoor cat, but once in a while I let her wander around the yard. She never goes too far though; she’s much too proper to get her paws dirty!

crossed paws
Tamago’s first snow
staring into your soul

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6 thoughts on “Tamago – Ragdoll of the Week

  1. Kim Maxwell says:

    Like how you let her show you her name. We have two Ragdoll wannabes. Jenny has featured them in the past. My boy, Tyler loves rug rides. Trinity just stares at him and doesn’t get what the fuss is about. ~ Thanks for sharing your story and photos.

  2. Beth says:

    Tamago, your little “egg”, is gorgeous! You were lucky to find each other 🙂 Thanks for sharing her beautiful pictures and her sweet story!

  3. Jobi Harris says:

    That is such a great story. I think cats kind of name themselves, but only if you believe that. Whoever thought a little kitten would get named for an omelet. They are so clever!

  4. Sondi Moore says:

    I am always amazed at people who say “I don’t need another cat”. It’s always another cat “needs us”. Tomago lucked out with you and she is a beauty; aren’t they all?
    Spoil her dearly and love all of them equally, as they do you. Thank you for sharing your story.

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