Top 5 Ways of How to Reduce Cat Hairballs

Do you have a lot of hairball hacking going on?  It’s no fun for you or for your cat when she or he has a hack attack!  And if you are a cat owner, then more than likely you know exactly what I mean!  Hairballs and cats seem to be one of those cat health problems that is common place and an inside joke among many cat owners – however they don’t have to be.

Here are the top 5 ways to reduce cat hairballs:

  1. Groom your kitty every day – By decreasing the amount of hair that can form a hairball you are able to decrease the likliehood of a hairball.  If you can brush them once a day or even a few times a week, getting off that extra hair really helps them from having to get it in their mouth when they are cleaning themselves.  If you live in an area where there are seasonal temperatures, be sure to brush more frequently during a shedding season..
  2. Feed your kitty cat food that is specifically formulated to reduce hairballs – Always consult with your vet before changing your kitty’s diet.  Many of the pet food companies make a hairball formula that is supposed to help in the production of hairballs.
  3. Feed your kitty fiber treats – Your kitty will love a tasty treat and will also appreciate the ability to digest everything better.  With treats you can make it more of a game as well – take the treat and throw it across the room to have them get it – this also helps with hair flying off of them!
  4. Make sure your kitty is drinking enough water – Much like fiber, water always helps keep everything moving!  If your kitty isn’t drinking a lot of water, you might consider purchasing a cat water fountain, to encourage them to drink more water.  Of course, if your cat isn’t drinking water, you also want to consult your vet to see if something medically could be going on.
  5. Exercise your kitty – Much like fiber and water, exercise helps us all go the bathroom and will also help hair fall off as your kitty is running, chasing and batting at his or her favorite toy.  Of course, exercise is essential for many cat health problems, namely obesity.  Grab a cat wand toy and have some fun with your kitty – it’s mutually beneficial – you’ll laugh and they will have fun getting exercise.

Treats with fiber are the ideal solution for cat health problems because, as they would in humans, they help get things moving!

What solutions have you found that have helped reduce cat hairballs from happening?  We would love to hear about them!  Please share them in the comments section below so that other cat lovers can benefit from the tips!

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