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I actually had no intention of getting a third cat. I already have Queen Ulalume & Binks, so I thought that was it, my fur-family was complete. Buuuuut…my breeder called me regarding Binks & his microchip and she just had a new litter of blue points I believe one boy & two girls. You can guess where this is going!  

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The decision to get a male was kinda a group decision between my breeder, O Canada Ragdolls, myself, and my mum. We decided that Ulalume probably wouldn’t do well with another female. She is very much a queen & she gets along so well with Binks, we decided a little boy would be perfect.  

Two Ragdoll cats sitting together

Edgar was born on October 5th, 2020 & his Gotcha Day is January 20th, 2021. I have a theme with the names I choose, having them be Edgar Allan Poe-related. It was just time for one of the kittens to be named Edgar and for some reason, he has the sweet, shy disposition you’d expect.  

The first day he came home, he was VERY shy & scared. In fact, he meowed for two days straight & hid behind my desk. I sat with him, talking to him, which quieted him a little. Then I got brave and picked him up, holding him in my arms, showing him he was safe. He quieted down and fell asleep! That was kinda it. He stuck to me for the next couple days & then he started to explore. He’s been okay ever since.  

Adult Ragdoll cat and Ragdoll Kitten

It has still been difficult with Edgar. I think he’s very special, & he seems a little slow. I think maybe he was the runt or maybe he was just born that way. He does not like being picked up at all. In fact, we clip his nails when he falls asleep on my lap. He has to come to you, but when he does, he looooves being cuddled and baby-talked to, using you as a nap apparatus. He is VERY playful—he doesn’t have a favourite toy, but he loves to just spaz out & get zoomie! And being brushed out is his favourite pastime.  

He loves Binks so much. He’s his little shadow, going wherever Binks goes. Funny enough, Ulalume & Edgar share the same daddy! So, they’re half siblings. It’s probably why she acts kinda like a mama cat to him. I think if she hadn’t been spayed, she would have been an epic mama to her kittens! 

Ragdoll cat Edgar

He used to flinch when I pet him, he was so scared. So, whenever I passed him, I would give him a pet until he got used to it. He purrs like crazy! I think the obvious slowness is why he is timid and shy. It takes him longer to understand what’s going on. But when he does, he’s very confident and I see a bit of Ulalume in him in that regard.  

His eyes are a little crossed, which adds to his charm. His coat is still fluffy and kitten-y soft. In fact, like Ulalume at this age, he gets mats under his armpits, so we brush him daily to keep them from accumulating. He’s got a big ‘ol fat belly on him, and his tail is so poofy! He’s my special little guy.  

Little Ragdoll Kitten

All three cats are on TLC hard kibble, which we give minimally—we know it’s not good for them, so we try to give as little as possible between the three cats. We call it their McDonalds! That’s what our vet called it & it seemed to have stuck.  

Ragdoll kitten asleep

We discovered Weruva Cats in the Kitchen soft food, which they love. Good price point & definitely better for them due to the moisture content. I noticed they really hate the pâté option when it comes to wet food. The Weruva has the actual chunks and gravy and they go nuts over it! 

Three Ragdoll cats together.

I’m hoping to update in October when he’s a year old, so everyone can see how handsome he is!  

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