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Our Quincy came from a breeder here in Quebec called Coco Ragdolls. They are a family breeder; their kitties are with them and their dog and other kitties, so they’re well-socialized when they leave their home; I would highly recommend them.

Quincy - Ragdoll of the Week in window perch with paws extended IMG_8799

He is a Chocolate Mitted Mink Ragdoll and is now 19 months old; he was born on April 28, 2021, and we brought him home on August 8, 2021. True to his breed, he follows us everywhere (and I mean everywhere) – forget about quiet time in the shower! He also flops at our feet as we are walking – we’ve learned to look down as we walk, otherwise, we end up kicking or tripping over him…. a testament to the term “Floppycat”.

Quincy - Ragdoll of the Week and Winston

He would love to sleep with his larger brother (a Standard Goldendoodle), but unfortunately, Winston is a bit overwhelmed by him. We lost an older cat prior to getting our Quincy and while Winston was the boss then, this is no longer the case with Quincy – he rules and is afraid of absolutely nothing. Occasionally, Winston will be brave, but that is usually when either my husband or I am there, to protect him!!!!

Quincy - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_8292

He is at his best at 5:30-6:00 a.m. when he wants more food and then plays. Once he’s eaten, he figures it’s time for everyone to get up, so he’ll jump on the bed, make his chirping noises, race through the house, and repeat, over and over again, until we either get up or, if we’re able to catch him, put him in our large bathroom for about 10 minutes or so where he has a bed, his litter, and food. This seems to clear the morning zoomies, that is, until the next day😀.

Quincy - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_8881

This year, Quincy seems to have discovered some Christmas Moose decorations. While they were there last December, he had no interest in them. This year is quite different.

Quincy - Ragdoll of the Week

We think he’s hunting at least one of them with the intention to do serious harm. This particular moose stands on four legs so we believe Quincy thinks there’s a new guy in town and he’ll have none of it.

Quincy - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_8439

Try as we may, with deterrents (Yuck-off) applied, he persists. Sadly, the “herd” may be retired this year. Let’s just say that there’s never a dull moment with our Quincy. While he’s obsessed with 4-legged Christmas animals, he’s only climbed the tree once.

Quincy - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_7896

Thank goodness, because this year, we decided to “bring back” the Christmas Village under the tree which we’d stored safely away last year, given his age. He’s been really good, exploring from the edge of town, but not venturing in and kidnapping people or animals!!! I have to admit that we’re impressed.

Quincy - Ragdoll of the Week IMG_8586

Another characteristic that we love and we don’t know if this is because of Ragdoll’s gentle nature or it’s just Quincy’s character, but from day one, he’s never played with his claws out and when he play bites, he does so gently. We’ve never had a scratch or bite mark. The same goes for when he interacts with Winston.

Quincy - Ragdoll of the Week paws extended on couch IMG_8199

When they play together, Quincy never scratches or bites him.

Quincy - Ragdoll of the Week kitten mirror

He travels well in the car, sitting on my lap gazing out of the window and we think he’d do quite well on long road trips.

Quincy - Ragdoll of the Week in window seat with paws extended IMG_7918

His favorite perch is his hammock where he gazes at the birds and squirrels which venture into our yard and his toys are definitely the cat tunnels (he has a few) and cat springs and straws.

Quincy - Ragdoll of the Week in window perch with paws extended IMG_8789

He certainly has brought lots of life and laughter into our house. Our life changed for the better when Quincy entered our household and we wouldn’t change a thing! We love him to pieces!

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  1. Quincey is adorable. I love the photo of him with your Winston ♥

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