Ocean – Ragdoll Kitten of the Month

OceanI got my Ragdoll Kitten from Ragmeister Ragdolls online, she was 9 weeks old when she flew into Seattle from San Diego.  She was born on Nov. 7, 2012.  Yes, I would highly recommend them, as their kittens have great personalities and are just beautiful!!

The very first time I saw a Ragdoll Cat was when the Hood Canal Bridge was closed down, and I had to take a Ferry Boat to get on the other side so I could work at the Farmer’s Markets on the weekends.  I met a man that had 2 very large cats, & he said that they were Ragdolls, & how much he & his wife enjoyed them. He said that they were very floppy, & that they would retrieve a ball & bring it back.  He told me that they followed them everywhere & that they were like dogs.  He said that they were the best cats that they had ever had.  Well, that did it for me, I Ocean2decided there & then, that when I got a cat, it would have to be a Ragdoll.  My husband said no, that he wanted us to travel and we already had a Golden Retriever puppy.  I read up on the Ragdoll, ordered books & looked them up on web sites & found out about the many different colors & patterns that were available.

A few months ago I put in an order for a Blue Bicolor Ragdoll Kitten, I put down the money & my Ragdoll just flew in to Seattle on January 9.  I had a name all picked out for her, “OCEAN BLUE”, her full name is “Ragmeister’s Ocean Blue” I thought that her name went well with River, after I saw the name on a Ragdoll site. I was so excited, I just couldn’t wait to see & hold her; I had already seen 2 beautiful photos of her.  There she was, at cargo in a beautiful green crate, she was stunning!!!!  Ocean on my pianoWe brought her home & she was a little shy, & still scared from the loud airplanes, & she had 2 flights, she was so tired, her little head went backwards, and she closed her eyes, it was so funny.  That night, she was playing, & putting on a show for me, flipping over and standing on her back legs Ocean and River my English Cream Golden Retriever& jumping around!!  She was so much fun!!!  A few days later, I slowly introduced her to “RIVER” our English Cream Golden Retriever, who has lots of energy.  At first, she hissed at him, & he felt so badly, he kept pacing back & forth, peering at Ocean from the side of his eye, he didn’t want her to see him looking at her. Then a few days later, River was lying on the couch, very tired, & Ocean was asleep on my lap, so I put Ocean next to River & got a sweet photo of the 2 of them.  I think they will be great friends very soon.  Every day River lays next to me & Ocean on the couch & they sniff each other.

Ocean playing with her Bergan Turbo Cat ScratcherOcean only weighs 1 lb. 13 oz., she is quite tiny, but beautiful & she has the most beautiful blue eyes, as Ragdolls are supposed to have!!!  I just love her & am enjoying her so much!!! I never know what she will do next; yesterday she dove into the empty trash can & popped up, jumped out & took off running, did some flips & slid under my chair with a skirt around it.  I thought she had had some catnip from one of her toys, as I had never seen her so active.  She was just having a ball, entertaining Matthew, my 7 yr. old grandson and Oceanherself, & me!!!  I was thinking about how much fun it would be to have 2 of them, but I’m lucky that my husband agreed to let me have one.  He has also been enjoying her, & a few days ago our 4 little grandsons came over to see her for the very first time.  As soon as they came into where she was, she took off & did a flip in the box, & they were just so amused by her.  They all got to take turns holding her and playing with her.  One of them, I think it was Adam who put Ocean on my Baby Grande Piano & she started walking on the piano keys making a melody, then Stephen, 3 ½, also put her on the piano, because he likes to follow what his big brothers do. Stephen said he wants a kitty like mine, & when I asked him what he would name his kitty, he said, “JOE”, children are so refreshing at that age.  He gave Ocean the sweetest little hug, then he ran off to play with River.

Stephen, my 3.5 yr old grandson, hugging Ocean

Ocean’s favorite toy is the “Cat Dancer,” she just loves it!!!!  She also loves her Skinneeez  Mouse for cats, it is brown, & flat with a skinny tail.  Ocean picks it up & runs with it in her mouth, flips it in the air & holds it & kicks it with her back paws.  She also loves her pink Bergan Turbo Cat Scratcher!  She likes to sleep on her blue hammock in her Kitty Condo.



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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. How cool to find the litter mates!!! She is so pretty and looks like such the little lady. I was glad to read how mischievous she is tho. I was beginning to think I had the only Ragdoll baby that wasn’t as sweet as his pictures lead one to believe! They are fun! Enjoy!

    1. Joyce Trzaska says:

      Hi Mary,

      Sounds like you got a little character, too, but
      They keep us laughing, don’t they?? What kind of Ragdoll did you get? I would love to see photos!

      Feel free to send them to my email.
      Thanks for your nice comment, Mary!


  2. Joyce Trzaska says:

    Hi Teresa,

    What a surprise to get your sweet email this morning, I can’t wait to see photos of Kilala, she sounds so sweet, we are so lucky to have found each other. This is so unique & wonderful to be able to compare notes on the sisters!!!

    Did you get a picture of their Mommy???? I asked Gary if he could get me a photo of Ocean’s Mommy & Daddy, & he said if he forgets for me to remind him. If you have a photo of Nadia, I would love to see it!!!!

    Gary was saying that one of the kittens, the Blue Bicolor Lynx, looked just like Ocean, That must be your kitty, because he said that you couldn’t tell them apart, that they looked identical. Yes, Ocean does have one mitten on her right paw, I just love it!!!!

    Thank you for getting back to me so soon!!

    Can’t wait to see the photos of Ocean’s sister!!!



  3. Hey I think my kitten is a sister of your pretty kitty! I also got my kitten at Ragmeister Ragdolls and she was also born the 7th of November 2012. My Kitten‘s mom is Nadia and her father is Donatello, I‘m just really curious to find out if they‘re from the same litter! 🙂

    1. Joyce Trzaska says:

      Hi Teresa,

      Yes, those are Ocean’s parents!!!! How wonderful!!!! Here is my email, I would love for you to send photos of our Ocean’s sister!!!
      What is her name & what kind of Ragdoll is she??? Gtrz100160@aol.com – Joyce & Greg we live in Port Ludlow, WA.

      Ocean is a regulator Deniece the Menace!!!! She doesn’t like to be held for too long, & will bite you if you hold her
      Too long. She gets in my shower by climbing up to the top shelf, knocking down my towels, she pushes the scale around,
      Knocked her glass dish of the counter, spilling her food everywhere, thank Gid it did not break!!! I just love her,
      She is a comedian, & keeps me laughing.

      She jumped in the toilet & back out, water everywhere, jumps in the trash can & hides!!

      Look forward to hearing from you.


      1. I just want to say that i am so happy for your guys that you found each other – I so want to know where all of Trigg and Charlie’s siblings are! And I only have contact with one of each – and now can’t get them to respond to emails!

        1. Joyce Trzaska says:

          Thanks Jenny,

          I am so thrilled that Teresa let me know that she had Ocean’s sister, I am so excited to hear from her & see some photos of Ocean’s sister!!!!

          Can’t wait!!!


      2. Hi Joyce,

        Of course, I‘ll send you photos!! Ocean‘s sister is named Kilala (pronounced key-la-la) it comes from the japanese word for cloud, she is also blue bicolor and I noticed from the photos that Ocean has only one mitten on the right paw, well Kilala has only one mitten on the left paw!

        We live in Mexico City, and I actually flew into San Diego to pick Kilala up and got the opportunity to meet our kitty‘s mother and she is gorgeous!!!!

        I‘m surprised to hear Ocean is so active! Kilala is quite calm, but she does have her crazy moments specially when she runs around the rooms at full speed, and it seems knocking stuff over runs in the family! Kilala gets on tables and desks and knocks down anything she can play with like papers, pens, brushes…

        I‘m glad to hear Ocean is such a fun kitty! And I‘m really glad to have stumbled upon Ocean‘s Kitten of the month article ! Who knew I‘d find my kitty‘s sister?!

        I‘ll make sure I send you some photos asap,


  4. She is just too sweet. I loved reading your story about her. I must ask where you got the pretty collars?

    1. Joyce Trzaska says:

      Hi Mimi,

      Thank you for your sweet comment on Ocean, I mostly bought her collars on Ebay & Amazon.com, so
      Glad that you liked them. Also that you liked my story about her.


  5. Very pretty little girl. She looks like a lot of fun too!

    1. Joyce Trzaska says:

      Thank you, yes, she is lots of fun & wants to play much more than being held, I suppose as she
      Gets older, she will want to be held much more!!! She is quite naughty, pulling off door stops, turning on the bath tub faucets,
      We had to take off the handles to keep her from turning them on each day. She is very active & funny to watch what she will do next!

      Thank you for your nice comment.


  6. So beautiful! It will be fun to see her in a year and what her coloring turns into. There’s nothing like kitten energy and their sweet naps, is there? Enjoy!

    1. Joyce Trzaska says:

      Yes, it will be interesting to see how she looks at 1 year, she is a real character, she is into everything, & quite the little entertainer!!
      She doesn’t like to be held for too long of a time, she just wants to play play play!!!

      We just love her so much!!! Thank you for your nice comment.


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