Lottie and Pretty – Ragdolls of the Week

My rags are Lottie and Pretty (Pretty being the cream and Lottie the grey) They was both rehomed by myself February 2019. Lottie and Pretty - Ragdolls of the Week 20190909_095632 I’ve always dreamed of owning ragdolls and when I finally got the chance to rehome not one but two gorgeous sisters I couldn’t resist! (Could never be without them, since being in my care they have both changed so much) When they first arrived Pretty was extremely timid and wouldn’t allow anyone to touch or go near her. Both girls were left to explore their new surroundings and find their feet without any pressure, just daily communication and shown alot of love from the household. Lottie and Pretty - Ragdolls of the Week 20190818_114140 Sadly I’m not 100% sure on how old either of them are or when they was born as I wasn’t informed from previous owners, however with the vet examinations they came to the conclusion of possibly 4/5 years old. Lottie and Pretty - Ragdolls of the Week 20191020_193401 Both raggys have different characteristics, Lottie loves a good cuddle and all the fuss! She also shows love and affection by snuggling into my hair or gently nibbling at my finger tips before licking them (we call it kisses). She will however give an attitude when not being centre of attention (which she loves!) often resorting in a stare from across the room or a loud cry from the other room as no one is there with her. Lottie and Pretty - Ragdolls of the Week 20191207_093048 Pretty is still very independent and will do her own thing majority of the day but now at night time she will happily settle in her own time on the sofa for some love, but give her too much and she’ll soon huff and move away. Since living with me, she has came more out of her shell and will often pick up a toy and cry loudly whilst carrying it around in her mouth before dropping it at my feet. I also cannot believe how vocal Ragdolls can be! Lottie and Pretty - Ragdolls of the Week 20190602_095245 At first I thought something was seriously wrong before finding floppycats.com and reading that it’s normal. Since then I have got to learn the different tones from both girls and what it is they may be wanting. My girls are not YouTube stars but are never shy of a camera. Lottie and Pretty are the names they was given when they came to live with me. Before they was known as Dotty and Witchy. Lottie and Pretty - Ragdolls of the Week 20190602_095437 My girls love Felix as good as it looks ocean! They have a sachet in the morning and again at night, along with Sanabelle Sensitive cat biscuits available throughout the day or when these aren’t available on Amazon, I give them Go cat biscuits for indoor cats. Dreamies are a huge favourite! It usually ends in a scramble for the last 1/2 left laying around. They have a variety of toys and beds, however the favourites to play with have to be the Kong Kickaroo, Furry mice, Cat crazy maze (which they enjoy chasing all day long) and their climbing stands along with the good old cat nip pouches which I often sprinkle either on the scratch post or in their beds (keeps them entertained when I’m out at work). Lottie and Pretty - Ragdolls of the Week 20190609_104451 They also have an outdoor closure which was made with mum’s help and has levels in place allowing them to climb throughout the good weather along with sunning themselves. Lottie and Pretty - Ragdolls of the Week Snapchat-1490682834 Out of all the beds to choose from, Pretty always pick the cushions on the sofa to sleep on, Lottie will however sleep anywhere she can fit, I tend to call her floppy because she will just flop wherever she wants.
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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. What lovely ladies Pretty and Lottie are! They are so lucky to have found their forever home with wonderful you!

  2. Lucky you, lucky them!! A pair of lovelies.♥

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