Litter-Robot Interior Rubber Lining After 3 Years

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In years past when someone is first introduced to the Litter-Robot Open Air, one of the first inquiries they make is whether or not that interior rubber lining will hold up to strong kitty claws that cover up feces and urine. A lot of times they are wondering how long it will last, consequently, when I was cleaning some fecal matter out of the globe, I thought it would be a good time to do a video showing what our globe looks like after 3 years of scratching, etc.

Of course, all interior rubber lining of the Litter-Robot Open Air will vary depending on the cat, their claws (how often they are clipped), what they eat, etc. But, from what you can see, ours has held up pretty well.

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  1. HAPPY FRIDAY!!! Another FABULOUSLY PAWESOME LR post & video, Jenny!! WOW! Has it been 3 years ALREADY?!?! AMAZING!! As you know, I am a HUGE FAN of these videos, as I think this is such a WONDERFUL product!!! Great job with this and I know a lot of Floppycatters now own one of these because of your always very honest and thorough review videos and posts!! WTG!! So happy it is still working great for you and you always have such great tips for maintenance and use!! And, of course, your “helpers” always make my heart SMILE!!! Plus, you KNOW I LURVE the NVR Miss Litteboxes (LURVE that violet color SOOOO MUCH!) & Dr. Elsey’s Precious Clumping Litter!!! I LURVE you Sweet, Sweet NVR Miss Litterbox & LR setup!! (I’m not a big fan of the PAM usage as I know I don’t use it to cook with due to chemicals in it so I certainly wouldn’t want to expose my kitteh to those harmful chemicals either)! 🙂 <3

    Well done, honey!!

    Big hugs & lots of love!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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