Humphrey – Ragdoll of the Week

Humphrey Mjaus
Humphrey Mjaus

Humphrey is my first male Ragdoll, he was born in Denmark, from breeder Marianne Belling, he does now live in Norway though.

I plan on breeding him, but not yet as he is just 1 year old. 

He has his very own Facebook page, though it is a little problematic, as Facebook keeps throwing out cats.

He is a very well loved cat on Facebook, and has alot of kitty friends, not too many, and not too few.

He has friends from all over the world, and he often receives or sends his friends cards and parcels.

Humphrey Mjaus
Humphrey Mjaus

He is also a show cat.  He just entered into the adult class and has only been at two shows since he’s been in the adult class – and he was nominated both days! One day he even got a vote in the panel, we are so proud!!

As he is a Rag a 03 – competition is difficult and the fact that he was probably the youngest male in the panel didn’t help!

Cecilie Midtgaard

Humphrey as a kitten
Humphrey as a kitten
Humphrey's Face as a Kitten
Humphrey’s Face as a Kitten
Humphrey Mjaus
Humphrey Mjaus
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  1. it’s sad to say I have learned Humphrey has passed away:( on 1/20/2014. I don’t know the details. such a beautiful baby and so young.

  2. Kitteh N Bunni says:

    congrats on the birth of your kittens Humphrey … I am happy that Soul Sister is growing big and strong … she will be fine ,,, her brothers will watch out for her.

  3. Oh, I didn’t read the text first 😛 Lol. Sorry!
    Anyways, he is a really, really pretty cat!

  4. Humphrey is actually the father of the ragdoll kitten I am getting in january!
    He has moved to Norway now, and lives with Berit Huseby at NO*Glassrosen’s ragdoll!

    Can’t wait to get my kitten! Humphrey (and the mother, Felicia) is sooo beautiful!

  5. Wow..he is gorgeous! What a beautiful face! : )

    1. Thank you xxx He’s my lil (big lol) baby x

  6. We LOVE Humphrey!

    We’ve been Facebook friends for a while, and he is such a heart stealer! He and Willow are the same age – and although she’s a Gato – she has those incredible blue eyes.

    Congrats Humphrey! So happy to see more about you!

    1. Humphrey LOVES you too xxx

      He say Prrrrs! xx

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