Litter Lifters – Original, Beamer and Travel Product Review

Last Updated on November 28, 2021 by Jenny

Litter Lifters and Trigg
Litter Lifters and Trigg. Trigg says, “These are not interesting!!”

When Maurice at Litter Lifter contacted me asking me if I wanted to check out their new Beamer and Travel size pooper scoopers, of course, I was intrigued and was excited!  You may have already read my review on the Original Litter Lifter.

Since I think the Litter Lifter Original is the best cat litter scoop, I, of course, wanted to know how they improved upon it.

Trigg and Charlie are used to opening boxes for our pet product reviews and having something exciting to play with or play in, but not the case with these cat litter scoops.  However, Trigg and Charlie have reaped the benefits of having these scoops.  Why?  Well, all of them, including the Original, Beamer and Travel

Litter Lifter Peaked Blades
Litter Lifter Peaked Blades

versions, all have peaked blades, which allows the clump of the litter to stay in the scoop and the rest of the litter (the clean, unused stuff) to fall between the blades.

As a result, you have less dust, a cleaner litter box and therefore a cleaner environment.

Now for the differences in the Beamer and the Travel.  The Beamer is a bit shorter than the Original and a bit deeper – it also has a cute cat face design on it.  The travel is much smaller than the other two and also has a cute cat design on it – but still has the wonderful peaked blades.  To get a full idea of how they work, check out the video I recorded below:

Litter Lifters and Trigg
Litter Lifters and Trigg. Trigg says, “Are there any toys in here?”

I still like the Original over the Beamer and the Travel scoops – but it depends on your needs as to which one might be best for you.  For example, if you travel a lot or if you have a small space, then you might only need the Travel or the Beamer.

Check out Litter-Lifter buying options.

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