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Charlie on Washing Machine
Charlie on Washing Machine
Pets use verbal and non verbal communication techniques to communicate with us. A cat’s every meow conveys a different meaning and is a way of expressing a wide range of emotions and feelings towards us or others. These feelings convey happiness, sadness, hunger, fear and love, to name just a few myriad emotions, which a pet feels towards you. There are a number of pet owners who find it difficult to interpret the language of their pets and due to this are unable to build the bond they desire. Therfore, many pet owners turn to the skills of a pet talker, a person who understands the way a pet communicates. They are specially trained for this purpose and with practice are able to understand the pets much better than what most people do.  You can read interviews with pet communicators every Sunday on  Talking to your pet can be a great stress buster. Pets give us unconditional love and are non judgmental. You would need to be patient and caring before starting a conversation with your pet and trying to understand their unique way of communicating with you.  If you’d like to learn more about pet communication, check out these books and DVD: Most pets use non verbal forms of communication and as a pet owner you must be able to recognize their mode of communication. A cat whisperer (sometimes also a pet talker) is a person with special skills, who can understand the communication style of your cat and help you in understanding its need better.  You can meet cat whisperers on our site. Don’t force your pet to communicate; it will take time to build a relationship of trust. Listen and observe carefully to understand what your pet says. Do you have any tips on how your communicate with your kitty?  Please share your thoughts below!
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