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Are you looking to make cat repellent? Homemade cat repellent? Especially, outdoor cat repellant to keep cats out of yard? has some ideas for you! A lot of the sprays that keep animals away contain animal urine of like a fox or something. There are water deterrents, sound or air puff deterrents that work by motion sensing available at Petsmart and garden places sell scat cat mats that are pokey pads that come up thru the mulch – they would probably stop a scratcher but not a sprayer.

Yes, even cat lovers need to know about cat repellent. After all, if you have an indoor cat, you might not want your neighbor’s cat visiting your yard and upsetting your kitty cat.

Outdoor Cat Repellant

There are several ways to keep cats out of yard without causing actual harm to the cat.

One way to get rid of any type of animal that pees on your property is to get a local pet store to keep some ferret urine. Then sprinkle that ferret urine on the perimeter of your property. It keeps raccoons away, and cats too.

Another way to create an outdoor cat repellant is to use moth balls or coffee grounds. Sprinkle them in your yard or garden and they will help keep animals from using your yard or garden as a litter box.

A third way is to mulch in cayenne pepper or any pepper that comes in flake or powder form, so that you can sprinkle liberally on the dirt. Even when wet, unless the soil washes away (like down a drain or into the street), the heat of the pepper is active. You can purchase really cheap hot pepper flakes anywhere, even opening the crushed pepper flakes you get with pizza into a sprayer and concentrate the pepper “juice” as hot as you want before spraying it on the area around your plants. The hot pepper does nothing for the flowers or the grass; in fact, it also cuts down on the bugs too.

Garlic and orange peels also do the trick sometimes as well.

Good luck and please let us know how you make cat repellent.

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  1. Feral cat had kittens on the other side of my fence. Kittens are three months old now. They love my patio. I’m allergic to cats and asthmatc which has been causing me a health problem. Have tried the moth balls, making sprays with different things like black pepper, cayenne pepper, black coffee, eycalyptus oil, orange citrus oil, have planted several rosemary plants to no avail. All 5 kittens don’t seem to be bothered by any of these!! I have M.S. and am in a wheelchair so moving to 2nd floor is out of the question. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I would see if you can find a local group that traps feral cats or a Humane Society either that can get the cats and remove them safely. Most of the items recommended can really hurt these cats. Think about if you got hot pepper on your hands and wiped your eyes. Cats lick and clean themselves a ton and if it on the pads they will eat it. The scarecrow is a great tool. It is a sprinkler and it motion activated so when they come near it will turn on and hopefully they will want to leave.

  2. Just an FYI, mothballs and cayenne pepper do not work!

  3. Heidi MacLean says:

    try bitter sour apple spray…please do not declaw…it is mutilation!

  4. We are moving into a home with a pool screen and in Florida the small lizards like to hang out on the screen and my cat will run up the screen to get the lizards and it makes holes in the screen. Any ideas on how to keep him from climbing up the pool screen. I want him to be able to be outside. I don’t want to have to declaw him.

    1. How could you even think of declawing your pet? It’s cruel, inhumane & barbaric & is outlawed in forward thinking countries. Believe me, your cat would rather stay indoors than be mutilated & suffer constant pain.

  5. Hi…Can powdered cayenne pepper be used, and can it be made into a spray/pepper juice?

  6. Do NOT use ANY type of pepper/pepper spray/dried pepper. I get that you want to keep cats out of your yard (we have feral cats all around here) but the pepper will get on their paws, they will try to lick it off, it will get in their mouth on their face and in their eyes. This is torture. Please use something else. NOT mothballs either, they are poisonous.

    I am going to try the coffee grounds. We have them every day and they can easily be scattered all over the perimeter of the house. Orange or lemon peels too. Maybe a mix of both. All are biodegradable, non-toxic.

  7. hey i want to try the pepper trick but im confused on how you mean to make the pepper juice , can you please explain on how to do it please ? and what you meant buy concentrate the pepper juice ? please and thanks !:)

    1. Just soak dried pepper flakes in water – like hot water – think of the red pepper flakes as tea – lke you’re making tea. so the more pepper flakes, the more concentrated the pepper juice will be – does that help?

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