Interview with Sonya Fitzpatrick, Animal Communicator

Sonya Fitzpatrick and her kitty, Moonbeam
Sonya Fitzpatrick and her kitty, Moonbeam

A Floppycats reader, Geo, and I had an email exchange over a month ago and she told me that she would love it if I would interview Sonya Fitzpatrick.  I had reached out to Sonya through her website before, but hadn’t heard back, so I thought it was impossible (Sonya is very popular and has had a few TV shows – they are actually developing her 3rd one now!).

Thank you to Geo for reminding me as this was a total treat – Sonya did a reading with me gratis – which was awesome.  A cat, Alley, that I used to live with (with an ex-boyfriend) who has since passed reached out and it was really neat to hear from her.  Furthermore, since I have NEVER talked about that cat on Floppycats, there was no way for Sonya to know anything about her.  Alley mentioned something about the kitchen floor changing at my ex-boyfriend’s house and since I no longer speak to him – I reached out to his mom to validate – sure enough the kitchen floor had changed!

And a bigger thank you to Sonya for being kind enough to do a reading for me and for taking time to do this interview!

You can listen to the interview here (Sonya Fitzpatrick Interview) or you can read it below.

Note: Sonya mentions a black and white cat coming through to me during this interview.  I didn’t realize it until I was finished transcribing it, that it was my Rags.  Rags, of course, was not black, but I can see how in the spirit world he might come through that way.

Jenny: One of my readers asked me to reach out to you and I reached out you before, but she really enjoys listening to your animal communication sessions on the radio, so, that’s why I reached out.

Sonya: Alright, OK darling, OK.

Jenny: So, how long have you been communicating with animals?

Sonya: I have been communicating with them since I was a child. I was born with a hearing loss. So, I could always hear the animals talking to me but I couldn’t hear adults, humans. So, from the very beginning, from very, very young.

Jenny: OK. And can you explain to me, how you hear them or how you do communicate?

Sonya: Yes, telepathically, they speak in pictures, feelings and emotions, and it is all transmitting out like radios. Our energy is transmitting out from one to another. And when I get a picture from them, it’s snapshots. If I was to say to you “Could you tell me, Where the statue of liberty is?” you get an image, don’t you?

Jenny: Yes mam.

Sonya:  Now there’s the picture I get from the animals, and it all happens extremely quickly. I will get a feeling, emotions and also I hear them telepathically speaking, because lots of them learn our language. Wild animals don’t, and domestic animals do, and they are extremely smart. All animals are extremely smart.

Jenny: Do you over time, you have been able to improve, your interpretations of all that, since you said it goes so fast?

Sonya: Well, I don’t know whether you have read my book, but I have a story called, What the Animals Tell Me. And it will tell you, if you get that book you can download it. It will tell you everything about my childhood and how I stopped communicating with the animals, why I stopped communicating with animals. I have some geese that were slaughtered, and I closed down talking to animals for many years.

Jenny: I am sorry to hear that, but I am glad that you are back in action.

Sonya: I definitely am, darling. I have never stopped – but that’s good, I like it that way, I love what I do. But if you read that book, you know it’s some, to go through all the details would take quite a long time. But it explains what happened to me. As a child, I was born during the war and things were hard in England at that time – we were fighting a war and animals were, you know, to eat.

Jenny: So, can you share a specific story of an animal communication session that’s gone well-

Sonya:  They all go well, darling, all of them. There’s isn’t one that doesn’t go well, believe you me. Even people who are talking to me for first time or they are talking to me for the hundredth time. There isn’t ever, a session, that doesn’t go well. You know, I have never had an animal if they refused to speak to me, which has happened only on two of occasions which had happened to thousands of animals that I have spoken to, over the years. And then when they hear the other animals talking, they start coming in and forget about that, and then they are always the biggest talkers.

And also, darling, I have communicated with all animals – crocodiles, with bears, with llamas, with giraffes, with…there isn’t an animal that I haven’t communicated with, and they all communicate in the same way.

Jenny: Wow! And do you believe, they communicate with each other that way?

Sonya: Yes, they do.

Jenny: Do you prefer to communicate with a younger or older animal?

Sonya: Makes no difference what so ever darling. Often, when they are older, they are more knowledgeable because some animals don’t live as long as we do, domestic animals like cats and dogs. But, some of them, you can often tell when I start talking to the animals what sort of people they live with. And whether they are fun people, or whether they are dull people, or whether they spontaneous people, funny people – I can always tell from the animal.

Jenny: That’s neat.

Sonya: Yes, it is. It is.

Jenny: I would think that would be a huge advantage too. If for example, you wanted to work with someone and you ask some “Oh! (Send me to interview your) animal.”

Sonya: Well, I don’t do that. Because I always have good intuitive feelings anyway and trust them.

Jenny: Oh! I gotcha! Is there a particular species of animals that you prefer to talk to?

Sonya: No. I love talking to all species, all of them, Jenny. They are all interesting. What I love about animals is, they don’t carry baggage like people do.

Jenny: Right I have heard that.

Sonya: No, they don’t.

Jenny: Can somebody like me, hire you or are you so above that because you are so busy-

Sonya:  Actually I don’t have all the information. I don’t know, you must have looked at my webpage, have you?

Jenny: Yes, I have. But the reason I am asking those sorts of questions, just in-case someone is only listening to this interview and has never, you know, doesn’t know anything about you.
Sonya: Well, you can go on  the website and you can book a reading with me, on the website. It’s all done at They book my appointments in California.

Jenny: Ok. So, all of the, how much it costs and everything will be there too?

Sonya: Everything is on there. And I work very fast. I am not a slow worker. Boom, boom, boom! You know, it doesn’t stop unless sometimes occasionally animal in the past has been ill-treated or emotional or may have lost their human companion or may have lost its own companion, its own species. There’s often sadness, great sadness because you know, when animals lose another friend, they grieve very deeply.

Jenny: Yes, that’s interesting. So, speaking of losing a friend, I know that you field the lot of question about departed animals.

Sonya: Oh yeah! I get. I would say, darling, that 40% of my business is people who want to talk to their animals in the spirit world. And fascinating, when my TV show was on, apparently no one ever turned to the adverts, when I was talking to the animals in the spirit world, Jenny.

Jenny: Wow! That’s interesting.

Sonya: Yeah, they monitored it. And I have to say there are so many people, in fact, my next book, I have just sold another book to Berkley Trade. And it’s all about helping your animal to go on over to the other side and to get people to understand that there isn’t any separation. It’s just the physical body is the vehicle we all travel in, and our soul goes home. And when it goes home, you meet up then, with the other souls that you’ve been with  in this life and past lives with. Doesn’t matter, what form they been in human or animal.

Jenny: And so, I know that sometimes it’s believed that animals are returned to their previous owner, for example, in my human life if one of my cats died,  it might come back later in my same life. Is that correct?

Sonya: Oh yeah. That happens a lot because we come back as soul families. And sometimes, a cat or a dog will come back in a cat form or in a dog form and people recognize it. That’s what so wonderful, when they recognize it. And they know that their animals returned but you know, it might not come back a cat, if it’s been a cat.

Jenny: Ok. That’s interesting to know. I have been asking my mom’s dog to come back.

Sonya: You see, the animals communicate on a higher level of consciousness, they are really much nicer than people. And I think you would agree with that, but who is the black cat that is around you?

Jenny: My brother’s cat is black and I only had her for like 3 months when he was moving.

Sonya: Yes. She is already coming in.

Jenny: Ok.

Sonya: When did you have a move when she was on the Earth plane.

Jenny: Well, she is still alive.

Sonya: Ok. Who is the other black cat that is in the spirit world, well, because two of them are talking to me right now, there’s a black and white one and a black one.

Jenny: I don’t know the black and white one but a friend of mine’s cat, that I, you know, I cat sat for a lot was black.

Sonya: Oh! Was that black and white?

Jenny: Yeah. No, No.

Sonya: They come through so damn fast that I have only got to start talking to someone, start talking about the spirit world, and the doors open and in they all come. So, you know this black and white cat is telling me that it was very affectionate, and nervous and nervous”.

Jenny: I don’t know, because I have only had cats that I’ve owned.

Sonya: One that you looked after.

Jenny: Ok. Well, I don’t remember a black and white cat.

Sonya: I can do a reading to sort it out, but it opens the doors and in they come.

Jenny: Well, it will be interesting to explore, so, maybe someday I can afford it.

Sonya: Oh! Darling, I’ll do you reading.

Jenny: Oh! That would be awesome.

Sonya: I’ll do you a reading, I will get my assistance to, sort of set it up for you.

Jenny: Oh! Thank you so much. That would be really neat.

Sonya: Oh! It’s a pleasure, pleasure. I will do that.

Jenny: I know you are limited on time so I feel like hurrying through questions.

Sonya: Don’t worry, keep going. I have got another 10 minutes.

Jenny: Why do you think animal communication is valuable?

Sonya:  You mean for people?  I never think of it that way, it’s just something I do and people want to get in touch with their animals or their animals may be sick or ill  or they maybe sort of passing over and it gives people quite comfort to know, when their relatives come through and I communicate with their relatives in human spirit as well as animal spirit. So, in many, many ways it’s valuable to people, because the animals will tell you things nobody knows, only them. Things that I couldn’t possibly know they would tell me and that’s gives validation to it because all animals live with different people, different homes, different lifestyles. So, it’s very valuable to people, it gives them great comfort, particularly passing over, when they know that they will see their animal again, even if it doesn’t reincarnate. And they will see them because the physical body is just a vehicle we all travel in and it dies. But our soul and spirit are still very much alive. And also if people have got cats peeing all over the place or a cat suddenly starts to pee, they want to know why. So, I find the reason out, I tell them what they are doing wrong and if they put it right the cat stops peeing. They don’t realize that by using chemicals in the house, the animals can’t stand the smell of bleaches and ammonia. And some people do it in the litter box; someone does clean the litter box off or wash it off with those horrible chemicals and wonders why the cats peeing all over the house.

And it putting its scent down so that is more palatable to the cat, cats aren’t dirty people just misunderstand them at times. So I can always put things like that right or it could be emotional problems, all cats are different just like people are and children are. So, you know, that’s very valuable to them, when their cats don’t pee anymore after they’ve been having peeing contests all over the house they have come long, they clean up the pee with horrible chemical and the cat pees even more all over the place on the things, that will hold its scent and it will smell nice to it.  Can you imagine if we are shutting the room with poo and pee we’d hate it, wouldn’t we?

Jenny: Yes.

Sonya: But for the cats that’s OK, but for the dogs as well. But people don’t understand that and they don’t understand by spraying all these disgusting sprays that are very dangerous to animals and how this can kill them too, inhaling all these poisonous gases. So, they are the sort of things that if people do as I advise them to do, its stops. And you often get that multi-household cats or there might be one cat that starts to do it if the human being is spending a lot of time away from home. I find out why it’s doing it first, when it started. All those are very valuable to people.

Jenny: Yes, I agree. Have you been able to help someone, where a vet can’t figure out what’s going on with the animal, medically?

Sonya: I do that all the time, because the animal transmits to my body that it’s got a urinary tract infection, then I feel it in my urinary tract. If it’s got a leg problem, it’s a leg problem. If it feels nausea, I feel nausea. So, I do that all the time. And often, the most common thing is, you know I had a case couple of weeks ago where the dog was just not coming out of its crate and it wasn’t interested in anything all it needed was an animal chiropractor. And she said instantly that when they put it back, he was back to his old self. They had spent fortune on vets and nobody could find out what was wrong with him.

Jenny: That’s really neat that you were able to help and that’s too bad to that all the money was wasted. I actually recommend often, when people write to me, because they write to me all the time about behavior and issues…

Sonya: Jenny, I am sure with your magazine (she meant website), they must.

Jenny: So, I always suggest, you know, if the cats not in real trouble talk to the animal communicator, because you will save lot of money in the long run.

One of the readers of my website asked me to reach out to you, she asked, “Is there a way to get in touch our own cats like how can we say exactly connect with our own pets if we don’t have the ability”.

Sonya: Yeah, of course yes. If she gets the Book, Cat Talk, you download it on………….

Jenny: Amazon?

Sonya: Yeah. And Cat Talk tells you exactly how to talk to animals and it applies to all animals.

Jenny: And that same reader said that you always talk about letting go of guilt.

Sonya: It’s hard to people that, darling, that’s a really hard one because when an animal has died, they’ll look back and think about “I would have done this, or I would have done that” and they think that they could have probably saved it or they put it down too soon. There’s no accidents in life when its our times up, its up, the same with animals. And people always feel at times, for instance, if a cat gone has gone to the vet and it may have died at the vet and they weren’t with it. There’s no separation because the cat comes out of its body, in its energy body and it goes straight to the owner, but they’ll say I didn’t have time to say goodbye. So, when they do reading with me, it makes them feel so much better because they see it from the cat’s point of view then, not just their own. So many people beat themselves up and you know, I have a lady, over and over again, I get these people that have had to give up a cat or a dog because of finances or because of their husbands, because they house (has been sold) something like that, they feel so guilty about it and they never, never get over it. It’s so sad because they don’t know whether or not the cat was put down or if they had taken it to a shelter or if they move on.  I always say “Darling, change your husband and keep your cat and get rid of him.” I always give them that advice, if he wants you to get rid of your cat, it’s a shocking thing it’s like they our babies and we’re close to our animals. And in fact, many people grieve more over an animal dying than they do over people dying in their family.

Jenny: Yeah, I can understand that.

Sonya: Yes, you do. So, that is all people just love their animals because they love of them unconditionally. They really do and they know how to love. And they teach us how to love too I mean, I have 17 animals that are living with me all rescue.

Jenny: Oh really I was gonna ask you, what species are they?

Sonya: They are cats and dogs and I have a rescue horse that I got out of the slaughter truck. All have them have been badly abused. They have it all here, they live the life of Riley and they should.

Jenny: Yeah. So, did you know them in the past life or how did you get them?

Sonya: Oh yes, I have had one of my dogs back twice in this life time.

Jenny: Wow.

Sonya: I am looking at Sammy now. He was thrown out of a car. And Sammy thrown out of the car and as he hit the ground, he broke his leg and I drove up and left him. And someone brought him up to me and because I’m the lady with all the animals and knocked up my door and I took him straight to the vet and brought him home. So, I’ll home him. It’s not easy. I homed a herd of cows easier than I can home a cat or a dog. I had a Ridgeback that had died a few years earlier and my daughter said that that’s your Bru back and I said “Do you think so?”
And she said “I know it, Mom”. He is hair where the ridge was, turned dark brown I’m looking it now different color to the rest of his hair within a week of me having him. And even the curl top of the ridge bag was exactly the same as my ridge back. So, yes.

Jenny: Wow! That’s impressive. How many children do you have?

Sonya: I have three, two sons and a daughter.

Jenny: And do they have your ability?

Sonya: My granddaughter does. And she is 9.

Jenny: Is there any research in that as far as the skipping generations?

Sonya: Well, I have to say that, all of them live with me, so, they are used to do what I do, but none of them the gift like I do but my granddaughter does and my grandmother had it too.

Jenny: OK. Well, your family it seems like it skips, a generation.

Sonya: Yeah. She is brilliant with animals; she is brilliant with animals, my granddaughter.

Jenny: I bet. Did you notice it from like when she was very, very young?

Sonya: Yes. I knew it, when she was almost like 3 months old, she was psychic anyway.

Jenny: Oh! That’s so neat. So, really quick, your book that you just sold to Barclays is that, what is it about?

Sonya: It’s all about helping people to let go because some people hang onto their animals too, too long and they can’t let them go and it’s the time to let go. That’s the hardest part in any animal lover’s life when have to say good bye to their wonderful companion, hard I think. You probably know that too?

Jenny: I do. It is heart breaking.

Sonya: And you don’t get over them. Just get used to living without them; you will never get over them. They’re always in your heart they don’t step out. And the only way, the pain goes away is if they reincarnate completely. And many people know I mean when they’ve reincarnated and if you know, some come back and some don’t. So, that’s what my book is all about and how life goes on, on the other side.

Jenny: Sounds like a fascinating read. When it is going to be published, do you know?

Sonya: Well, I just sold it. I did the outline and now I am in another week I should knuckle down and they’ll give me 6 months to write it, so, within the year it’ll be out.

Jenny: And how is that writing process go for you? Are you interrupted a lot with spirit?

Sonya: Well, I have to find the time. Because most writers, just write a book, but me, I am doing consultations, I’m on TV tonight on the Little People I was a guest on their show.

Jenny: Oh fun!

Sonya: And, you know the Little People?

Jenny: I do.

Sonya: Well, that’s on 9:30 my time tonight. I’m on that.

Jenny: Cool! I’m gonna check it out.

Sonya: You know I do appearances on TV shows. You know, I travel and I have my radio show, I am busy all the time. So I just have, my best time to write a book is, get up in the morning and do 2 hours work on it and that’s my best time day because once I start, I get distracted and I can’t sit down to do it. If I get out my bed and start, have my coffee and start, I can do it that time of the day, quiet.

Jenny: That’s neat. But you don’t have animals spirits interrupting you in that quite time?

Sonya: No. Because when I do animal communicating I go into right side of my brain. And while writing, I am working on the left side, so, no. My own animals may come in but they don’t bother me. I am able to switch it off. I have to because you’d burn out if you didn’t.

Jenny: I would imagine. So is learning how to switch it off, is that something you had to acquire?

Sonya: No. My guides taught me that. I have guides in spirits that guide me. My guides who taught me an awful lot.  No humans that are living on this Earth planet have taught me anything, the animals and my spirit guides taught me.

Jenny: That makes sense as well. Well, I know that you have given me more time than you….

Sonya: Jenny, it’s a pleasure. And I will get Emma to, to set sometime up, it might just be about 15 minutes, Jenny, to read, but you know, she’ll do that – I will be happy to do it for you, sweetheart.

Jenny: I would take anything that you’d be willing to give and that’s such a generous offer. So, thank you.

Sonya: Jenny, it’s a pleasure. Anyway darling, I hope you got what you want.

Jenny: Would you like to copy see a copy of it, before I put it on the website?

Sonya: Oh! I’d love to. You send it to my PR Lady, Bronagh.

Jenny: It might be a while because I’ve got to get it transcribed but I will do that before it’s published.

Sonya: You are very kind, Jenny, Thank you. Good luck.

Jenny: You’re welcome. Thank you to you too.

Sonya: And I would like a copy of your magazine too.

Jenny: Well, I don’t, I don’t have a magazine.

Sonya: I know you have a thing on the web.

Jenny: I’ve got an e-book. You know what I mean?

Sonya: Yes. That’s it.

Jenny: I will forward that to your PR lady.

Sonya: I’m not very computer smart, dear.

Jenny: May one day I will have a magazine, maybe that’s what you are thinking.

Sonya: Sorry, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Jenny: Well thank you so much. I was so nervous but you were pleasant.

Sonya: Oh dear! Thank you so much. And you have a lovely day.

Jenny: You too. Bye bye.

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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Always good to know that it is true and that someone else communicates with animals.
    My skill is not that developed but it happens in pictures and sound just as the woman says.

  2. This is lovely, Jenny! I can hardly wait for Sonya to do her reading with Rags for you! It will be such a comfort…

  3. Wonderful interview with the great Sonya Fitzpatrick. Her book ‘Cat Talk’ is excellent and I have a subscription to Sirius XM radio just to hear her! She is beyond amazing! Anyone who has ever loved an animal would benefit greatly from her wisdom and insight.

  4. Rebecca MI says:

    Awe Jenny, hopefully now that you realize that it was Rags that wanted to talk to you, when she does her reading you will be able to hear from him. I know how much you loved him.

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