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Trigg eating out of the Classy Cat Dish in 5 inch
Trigg eating out of the Classy Cat Dish in 5 inch

I have seen the Classy Cat Dishes featured several times on Kate Benjamin’s Moderncat, but it wasn’t until a recent giveaway that Kate featured that made me want to try them out and feature them on the site.

In 1992, Designer Larraine’s vet suggested raising her cat’s dish to prevent her cat’s chronic vomiting of meals.  And so Larraine ended up making a pedestal dish as a result!

They are one piece raised dishes which makes them stable.  Also, the pedestal weighs more than the dish, therefore they will not tip or slide.  It is made of stoneware and you’ll like that the pedestal dish helps keep dust, hair and ants out of the bowl – this is especially important if you feed your kitty outside or in an enclosed porch.

I requested both their 5″ and 6″ dishes.  We got 4 very good looking dishes in the mail.


Here are some stats for the 5″ diameter dish:

Classy Cat Dishes 5"
Classy Cat Dishes 5″

Bowls for Dry Food or Water $28.00 – they work great for wet food too!
Colors: Eggshell, Pink, Blue, Teal, Gray and Black
Pedestal Height: 4″
Actual Height pedestal and bowl: 5.5″
Depth: 1.5″
Capacity: 1 cup
Average Weight: 1 lb 7 oz

They are dishwasher and microwave safe.  They will not absorb food odors or harbor bacteria as plastic does (helping to prevent chin acne and mouth ulcers).  They are also easy to pick up and wash.

These designer pet bowls have glazes that are lead free.  The colors are airbrushed to give dishes a light shaded appearance.

Pedestal dishes raise the food to a comfortable level for cats/pets and they’re helpful to the older or arthritic cats and dogs that find it very painful to stoop down to floor level to eat. Raised dishes also help prevent vomiting that is often caused by a reflex muscle in the throat that reacts when a pet lifts their head after eating from a level below their stomach.  An empty stomach can also cause vomiting because of acid build up.


Do you think you will try these out for your kitty?  Why or why not?

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  1. Jenny,
    Was/is there a discount offer for the bowls as part of your product review? I would like to get 2. The price you show is $28 but the Classy Cat website is $32.

  2. Love these! Wish they cost less though.

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