Cat Treat Puzzle Toys Petstages by Nina Ottosson Product Review

I have loved many of the Nina Ottosson dog puzzles for years.  My most favorite being the Dog Brick. They recently came out with puzzle toys especially designed for cats.  The Nina Ottosson company has been good to me as a blogger – offering products for giveaways when I ask and more.  So, I asked them if I could review their new cat puzzle toys and they agreed and sent me all three:

I did the unboxing video with my sister’s 7-year old Ragdoll cats, Ash and Addie, but then brought the puzzle toys home for my 11-year old Ragdoll cat, Charlie, to enjoy.

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3 Interactive Cat Treat Puzzle Toys: Petstages Nina Ottosson Unboxing with Ragdoll Cats

Petstages Buggin’ Out Puzzle and Play Interactive Cat Treat Puzzle

Nina Ottosson by Petstages Buggin Out
Nina Ottosson by Petstages Buggin Out

The Petstages Buggin’ Out Puzzle & Play is an interactive, treat-dispensing toy for cats. It has a playful leaf and ladybug aesthetic, and is designed to get your cat playing by triggering their hunting instincts. There are eight cups, hidden in secret compartments in which to hide your cat’s favorite treats. There are 14 hidden treat compartments and a total of 16 movable pieces including eight ladybird sliders and 8 rotating leaves. 

How Your Cat Uses the Buggin’ Out Toy

The cat has to bat aside the little leaves to get to the treats inside. The best thing to do with any food cat puzzle is to start simple – put some food in the compartments and leave it as visible so that your cat can get used to the toy and understand that it’s something where food can be found. Once your cat has become comfortable with the toy, start increasing the difficulty – slide a few ladybirds around as a starting point. Leave the food slightly visible and your cat will begin to make sense of what they need to do. If your cat finds this too easy you can switch up the difficulty, just by placing treats in the ladybug pegs instead. It can help provide both mental and physical stimulation for the cat in your life. The puzzle can contain up to a quarter of a cup of cat food, so it can be used to feed your cat meals instead of just snacks. The Buggin’ Out toy is rated as an intermediate difficulty, which means that all food-motivated or playful cats will be able to enjoy it with a little bit of time to get familiar.

Why the Buggin’ Out Toy Is Useful

Cats have a natural instinct to forage and this toy helps to encourage that behavior and fulfil that need. This could be especially useful for cats who gulp down their food too quickly, or those who have to spread their eating throughout the day due to medical conditions, as solving the puzzles should slow down their eating.

Buggin’ Out – The Specifications

It’s made from hard plastic, making it durable and easy to clean. It has a non-slip base too, which is essential when your cat is using their paws to push pieces around. It’s totally BPA, PVC, and phthalate free, all the materials being entirely food safe, so you can use it to feed your furry friends in confidence. It’s also all one solid piece of kit, with no removable pieces, so you shouldn’t have to worry about losing parts during cleaning. It’s small and flat design means it shouldn’t take up much room and finding a place to store it shouldn’t be a problem.

The Buggin Out Puzzle & Play Cat Puzzle can be purchased on

Petstages Rainy Day Puzzle and Play Interactive Cat Treat Puzzle

Rainy Day Nina Ottoson Petstages Interactive Cat Puzzles Slow Feeders and Treat Dispensing Toys

The Rainy Day Puzzle & Play interactive Cat Treat Puzzle by Petstages is an inventive way to give your cat their daily treats while keeping their mind and body active. It sports a quirky ‘rainy day’ cloud design, and encourages cats to work through the puzzle and practice their natural hunting and foraging techniques. It has fourteen hidden treat compartments to hide your cat’s favorite food in.

These compartments are accessed when a cat bats the rain drops aside to reveal the treats underneath. For a greater challenge, the treats can be hidden in the holes of the peg pieces, so your cat will have to slide the peg to reach their treats. The compartments are large enough to fill with up to one quarter of a cup of food, so if you chose to you can use it to feed your cat their main meals instead of their usual bowl.

The puzzle comes with a tips and tricks instruction leaflet to help you get the most out of it. It’s made from solid plastic and has no removable parts, so you won’t have to fret about your cat breaking it or any pieces falling into their food. The material is hard-wearing and all cups and holes are easy to reach, making it very easy to clean. It’s also made from entirely food safe plastic, meaning it’s completely safe for your cat to eat from.

Petstages Melon Madness Puzzle and Play Interactive Cat Treat Puzzle

Melon Madness Nina Ottosson Petstages Interactive Cat Puzzles Slow Feeders and Treat Dispensing Toys

The Petstages Melon Madness Puzzle & Play Interactive Cat Treat Puzzle is a fun and innovative way to feed your pets their favorite treats while keeping them entertained at the same time. It’s a puzzle toy with a fun watermelon design, and has twelve secret compartments to hide snacks in for your cat. It’s made with curious, playful cats in mind, and is intended to stimulate their natural foraging instincts.

Since it can contain up to a quarter of a cup of dry cat food, it can be used to replace your usual cat food bowl. This could be a good way to help slow down your cat at mealtimes if they usually eat their food too quickly. It comes with two difficulty settings. For beginners and younger cats, you can hide the treats in the larger cups.

For more experienced hunters who need more of a challenge, you can put the snacks in the holes of the peg pieces, so the cat will have to slide the peg to reach their treat. The puzzle is constructed from entirely food safe materials, with no BPA, PVC, or phthalate, so you can use it to feed your kitty with no worries at all. There are no removable parts for safer play, so you can be confident knowing your cats won’t pull a piece off and accidentally damage or swallow it. It’s small, flat, and compact, so it is easy to store neatly away.

In Summary

I probably like the “Buggin Out” the most of these three – but “Rainy Day” is the most challenging.  I would still probably just suggest getting the Dog Brick, as I really like that puzzle toy as a cat puzzle toy – it has so many different “dimensions” for the cat to uncover. The best thing is that more cat owners will get to see the benefits of puzzles, since these are geared towards cats and will be in the cat aisle of stores.

Although, I know that dog puzzles work for cats too, the average cat owner may not realize that. You can put wet food in them too, or shrimp/tuna etc. The composite material (wood/plastic) is nice and sturdy, and easy to clean. I am glad Nina Ottosson made puzzles targeted to cats – but awesome she could now make them just designed for dogs and cats alike.

Petstages Nina Ottosson Cat Treat Puzzle Toys Unboxing Video

Petstages Nina Ottosson Cat Treat Puzzle Toys Product Review Video

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We received the Petstages Nina Ottosson Cat Treat Puzzle Toys for review from the manufacturer.  Receiving the free product did not influence this honest post. Check out our other cat product reviews

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