Healthy Cat Treats: Whole Life Just One Cat Treats

Many of you who have been around for years, know that I give Charlie and Trigg, my Ragdoll cats, Whole Life Pet Products treats every day after we come inside. I started calling them “cheats” years ago, and so that’s what many readers call them too. My sister’s cats eat them too.

Addie, my sister’s seal bicolor Ragdoll cat, has a gastrointestinal disease, Feline Gastrointestinal Eosinophilic Sclerosing Fibroplasia.  The disease is exacerbated when inflammation occurs in her gut.  After the discovery and the emergency surgery and as things settled down, Amy took Addie to our very trusted pet acupuncturist, Pat Perkins.  She suggested that Addie eat “cold meats” for the rest of her life.  In Chinese medicine, certain foods “carry” different temperatures and are deemed as “warm” or “cold”.  Chicken is a warm meat, whereas Turkey is a cold meat.  Duck is also a cold meat.  Addie has to avoid chicken and fish, as a result – which has made it more difficult for my sister to find foods that have limited ingredients.

In this video, Ash and Addie are getting duck and turkey treats from Whole Life.  Ash doesn’t need cold meats, necessarily, but he eats what Addie does (mostly).  It is nice that Whole Life makes safe, healthy cat treats that are not made from chicken and do not have chicken in them.

In fact, the Whole Life Just One treats are made with just one ingredient (hence the name) – either the muscle or organ meat from the animal on the bag (Duck, Chicken, Turkey, Salmon, Cod, Beef, etc.)


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Whole Life Pet Just One-Single Ingredient Freeze Dried Treats For Cats:

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Do you give your cats treats?  Which ones?

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  1. Sondi Moore says:

    At this price, and with 5 cats at home, plus the kitty clients we spoil with treats; at this price I’ll serve these for dinner to humans. I’m sorry but that’s outrageous and I love my cats as much as anyone here. I will continue to use Organic Pure Bite freeze dried chicken and our cats love them. Just too high a price for my pocketbook but glad your kitties liked them.

  2. Super lovely & pawesome Ash & Addie get some treats post & video, Jenny!! I can never get enough of the beautiful Ash & Addie!! Glad they enjoy these treats so much! Interesting about the duck treats! Miss Addie ain’t messin’ around! LOL! LURVE!!! Poor Ash-man! So stubborn and wants his chicken! LOL! A new puppy! What fun!!! Do they know what breed they are getting yet? Can’t wait to see future videos with the new puppy, too!! 🙂 <3

    We do give Miss PSB treats (Blue Buffalo grain free Wilderness treats, chicken & turkey). She adores them!! I do want to try the chicken Whole Life treats again with her, though, in the near future, as I really think she will go for them now (a few years ago she totally wouldn't eat them no matter what I did with them for her…she's much more willing to try new things now…lol.). 🙂 <3

    Big hugs & lots of love!!!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3 <3 <3

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