FUKUMARU Cat Hammock Bed

The FUKUMARU Cat Hammock offers a cozy spot for your cat to relax and sleep, offering exceptional comfort during any weather.

Check out the FUKUMARU Cat Hammock Bed, offering a cozy spot for your cat to relax and sleep. This giveaway ends on March 31, 2023.

That’s because the linen hammock is breathable and cool, so during summer, your kitty won’t overheat, and you can always add a blanket for extra snuggly warmth if the room is a little cooler in winter.

The cat hammock is stretched across a solid wooden frame, giving it an anti-sway design. As a result, your cat will have no trouble climbing in or out of the hammock and can nap in peace without rocking back and forth.

The linen hammock is also easy to remove. You can reverse it to extend its use when you don’t have time to clean it, and then when it is time to refresh it, it’s machine washable for ease.

The wooden frame is made from durable birch wood. It is natural in color, helping the cat hammock to blend into the décor in most homes without looking out of place or tacky. It’s also quite discreet in size, measuring 21 inches (53cm) long, 16.5 inches (42cm) wide, and 10 inches (25cm) tall.

FUKUMARU Kitty Hammock Bed

This means it can easily accommodate mid-size cats and some larger cats, with a maximum weight limit of 40lbs, ensuring it can hold the biggest kitties. It can be used for small dogs too.

FUKUMARU Kitty Hammock Cat Bed

Assembly of the cat hammock is simple – all the tools and instructions are included, and it should take no more than 10 minutes to put it together, ready for your cat to use. Once it is built, its lightweight design means you can move it around the home whenever needed.

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