Could Charlie Have A Cat Birthmark?

Last Updated on July 8, 2021 by Jenny

Yesterday, I was messing around with Charlie’s coat and noticed that he might have a cat birthmark – otherwise I don’t know what it would be – sorry for the photo quality, they were taken on my iPhone.

Here’s the first one where his hair is separated – it doesn’t appear as though his skin is a different color in this area, just fur that is about 1 cm long that’d underneath his regular coat.

Charlie's Birthmark?
Charlie's Birthmark?
Birthmark is on his left side about 3-4 inches from his armpit
Birthmark is on his left side about 3-4 inches from his armpit
When his hair is all combed back you cannot tell there's anything there.
When his hair is all combed back you cannot tell there's anything there.

Does your cat or Ragdoll cat have a cat birthmark?  Please share photos with us on Facebook!

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8 thoughts on “Could Charlie Have A Cat Birthmark?

  1. Becky says:

    Well….I don’t think it’s a “birthmark” if what we’re seeing is actually skin (and it wouldn’t be a “birthmark” ONLY on his fur). I had to take my Ragdoll, Skittles,to the groomer a couple of months ago because he had several knots in his fur that I couldn’t comb out myself. She basically shaved small areas like his armpits, behind his ears and under his back legs and tummy. You can’t see these areas unless he’s all sprawled out. There are patches of dark areas (spots) here and there all over his actual skin that you can see, and there is darker fur left on top of them next to the dark skin. So, he’s pink with black spots if he were shaved bawled! 🙂 It’s only the natural skin color I believe. I’ve had Fox Terriers that were groomed close before and you could see the same type of spots on their skin too. So, unless it feels “raised” from his skin I don’t think it’s a problem for Charlie.

    • Jenny says:


      My very first Ragdoll that I got when I was 8 years old I named Skittles! I love it.

      Thanks for responding – no, it’s not raised from his skin – it’s the weirdest thing. I am going to ask the vet about it next time we go.

      Have you thought about featuring Skittles as Ragdoll of the Week?


      • Becky says:

        That’s kewl, Jenny! 😀 I’m 51 but Skittles is my very first Ragdoll too! LOL! Of course, I was only 50 when I got him last May. He just turned a year old March 3rd. I adore him! I also have a younger boy that I just got Nov 27th of last year (my birthday 🙂 ) They are so much joy!!
        I would like to get him/them on as Ragdoll of the week, I just need to take the time to do it. 🙂


        • Jenny | says:

          How did your Skittles get his name? Mine got his because Skittles was my favorite candy! What is your other Ragdoll’s name?

  2. Melody says:

    Luckily you found it with all his awesome fluffy fur in case it was something serious! It really does look as if he has a birthmark. My roommate’s cat used to have a light brown spot on his tummy, but we never thought of it as a birthmark – maybe it was! Charlie’s picture reminds me of when a person’s natural roots start showing through their dyed hair.

    • Jenny | says:

      yes, it sorta freaked me out at first – i checked for skin irritations, lumps, bumps, etc. and it really is just this spot like a birthmark – but i am definitely going to show it to my vet the next time we are in the office.

  3. Lisa S says:

    is the fur dark or the fur and the skin? If it’s just the fur, then it can’t be a birth mark, can it? It’s odd that you are just seeing it for the first time. LOL.

    • Jenny says:

      i think just the fur. i don’t think it’s weird that i am seeing it for the first time – i don’t finger pick his coat every night….do you with your kitties?

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