Cino – Ragdoll of the Week

photo (12)The very first night we brought Cino (like cappuccino because he had chocolate dusting markings on his face) home he curled up in his basket and tucked himself into bed in the laundry.

No crying for his mother.

Not a peep.

So I went to sleep soundly that night thinking that we were going to have an uneventful, normal life with this ragdoll.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 1.03.16 PMFirst there is his obsession with stickers and wallpaper. He’ll rip that right off if you leave him alone in a room for long enough.

Then there was the time he fell in love with the possum that would visit him at the screen door in summer. It was all fine and lovely until he broke through the screen one night to run off with it.

Or the time he jumped up to eat my lunch while it was cooking on the stove top and set himself on fire. That was a hard one to explain to my fiancee! He was fine – I was traumatised.

Oh, and he doesn’t drink from his own water bowl (glass cup) – he much prefers to have the tea or water that humans leave laying around.

Truth be told, Cino is a wonderful companion. I work full time from home running and he blog_catsits with me all day – sometimes on his blanket, sometimes in my hoodie. That’s not as fun as it used to be seeing as he now weighs 7kg.

He’ll fetch his ball (rolled up tin foil is his favorite for some reason) and he’ll let you know if someone is at the door way before my dog used to. And he loves to send my housemates to work at their law firm covered in white cat hair. The other lawyers at the office now say, “Oh, you got some Cino on you there.”

Any ragdoll owner will be familiar with that.

My only regret is that we did not report the “breeder” where we found him. It turned out to be more of a “paid rescue” as he was covered in fleas, ear mites and had a badly swollen stomach from parasites. I’ve tried to find her details again but just can’t seem to locate her.

comfortable_ragdollRest assured he’s well loved and looked after these days. Literally (I swear), I just snapped the photo of his paw on my forearm as I’m writing this line.

One thing I’ve always wondered is whether or not Cino’s odd behaviors are unique to him or just unique to ragdolls. Fetching his toys, answering the door, only drinking out of a glass cup, eating stickers and plastic and finding ever more intelligent ways to bang things in the morning to wake me up in the morning. Oh, and does anyone else’s raggy puff themselves up and sideways bounce at you down the hallway when they are trying to get you to play with them?

I’ve love to hear from any ragdoll owners out there. Please leave a comment and let me know.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 1.04.04 PM


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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. Salina Clemente says:

    I thought my crazy ragdoll boys, Sam and Max were the only ones who do strange things and sleep in crazy positions, its beginning to look like a trait of the floppy cats! My youngest loves carrying around a stick just like a dog. He walks around with it in his mouth all over the house, eventually leaving on top of his food bowl! They are so crazy lovable!!!!

  2. What a cutie!!! Thank you for sharing Cino’s pictures and his delightful antics with us 🙂 Wishing you many years of joy with your big Ragdoll boy…

  3. What a gorgeous boy! I love when cats have character and this guy seems to have plenty! Thank you for sharing your story.

  4. Dementia Boy says:

    Rollin’ on my back, bunny kicking.

    I have finally found a cat who could both stand up to Jolie and play with Izzy, and he’s been taken!! Where was Cino when we were debunking Ragdoll stereotypes??

    And he lives with a bunch of lawyers. Great. Expect complaints, petitions and motions for injunctive relief. Do not allow him to establish an internet relationship with Charlie Dean. Charlie will do anything to get more treats, resorting to the judicial system if necessary.

    Except for love interests, Cino sounds more like my Zen than my William. You’ve gotta love a cat who loves a possum. I don’t think even possums love possums. William loved a black bear cub. The cub’s mother did not approve of the relationship.

    William was a very good cat, the only Ragdoll and pedigreed cat who has ever shared my life. Although I loved him dearly, my soul seems superglued to the mischievous, feisty ones, the ones who steal your heart as well as your food and post-it notes.


  5. Cino is a beautiful boy sounds like my Mr Darcy in that he provides hours of entertainment. Though I don’t have wallpaper, Darcy has a fetish for anything with glue on it. Envelopes, stickers, labels; he eats them all but post-it-notes are his particular favorites. Cannot count how many phone numbers or messages he has devoured.

    Mr Darcy also enjoys waking me before the alarm. If I don’t respond to the being jumped on, he then proceeds to push the items off the bedside table on to me.

    Still we love them quirks and all.

  6. Cino is so precious!!! Great that you will never have a dull moment at your place, if you did before. Those stories about all the funny antics he does made me laugh so hard because I can just see him doing those naughty things in my mind, especially running off with the opossum! How funny! Some of the things that Cino does like eating strange things (pica), my previous kitties who have passed away, have done. One of mine, Demetri – a big black Persian with the most beautiful eyes and loving heart loved, loved, loved to eat netting. Any kind of netting – we found that out after I left my mother’s hat on the bed and came home to find all the net had been eaten away and then we finally caught him in the act eating my daughter’s Barbie’s tutu!!! We just had to laugh at that point. And, once my lovely white rescue, Chrissy (Christmas), got up on the fireplace (with the fire burning) and calmly turned her body so her tail was nicely arched right over the flame!! It all happened in the blink of an eye and she took off running with her tail on fire! Caught up to her under the bed just knowing that we would be making an emergency stop at the vet, but fortunately, it only burned down until the end of the actual fur and just left little brown balls where her beautiful white tip had been. I was just like you said – “traumatized”, and from that point on, never, ever allowed the fireplace to be on without having the mesh curtains pulled!!!
    So loved your photos! He is just adorable and thank you for sharing your wonderful story with us. As for the breeder, I had a similar things with Grace’s breeder, but fortunately, she went out of business.

  7. I love, love, love your boy and stories. He is absolutely stunning and, of course, he wants to make you know every day how much he loves you 🙂 My boy will chase me around and slap me on my arse when he thinks it’s treat time. He is certainly lucky to have found you … and you and your housemates are very lucky too! There is nothing quite like the fur look when you leave the house — it’s the “gift” that keeps on giving 🙂

  8. Cino is so adorable! It’s so funny to see the cross-pawed and monorail poses. Emily does both constantly- she uses my leg for the monorail pose and I’m forced to stay in one position while my leg goes dead because she’s sleeping so soundly! I’m not sure how exactly I became a servant, but that’s the role I’ve accepted.

    Good to hear other Ragdolls have some crazy habits. I enjoyed hearing about Cino’s and seeing his pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Your cat sounds smart and full of fun. My cat Truffles loves to chew the white thin curtains in the dinning room. She has left kind of a nice chew pattern along the edge of the curtain. I have seen a similar pattern of fabric at the fabric store. I have told her to chew all along the side so it looks like it belongs there. Thanks for sharing your story.


  11. he is gorgeous .. and he KNOWS it!! what a great story and your photos are so funny and cute! i’m glad you saved him from bad people. he looks very happy and spoiled now.. as all cats should be!! thanks for sharing.

  12. Colleen Duggin says:

    Sasha greets anyone who arrives at the door and sometimes makes a sad, quiet meow when everyone heads out the door in the morning. He is tolerant of his humans picking him up to carry him, but would really just prefer to hang out with us instead. He does fetch favorite toys when he’s feeling playful. That sideways move down the hall you described; we call that Halloween kitty. That’s usually his way of trying to get his humans to play chase with him, which he loves when he’s feeling frisky from his morning meal 🙂

  13. “Um. WTF?!” – has be rolling!!!

    Possum love, nothing better right?!

    Prossimo is a whore for plastic and does his best to ingest it. He often pretends that he doesn’t notice that plastic came in the house so I feel confident that he didn’t notice but as soon as I’m in another room I hear the familiar “plastic gnaw-slurp”. He always looses the battle but he continues in the war of wills on that one!

    Cino is adorable and loved hearing his antics, thanks for sharing him with us!!

  14. Mary Hughes says:

    Mine bang on the dresser mirror, or rake the slats of the window blind to wake you up (always just before the alarm clock). I tried spraying them with a water bottle, and they just moved to the en-suite bathroom to bang on the shower doors where I can’t reach them with the spray. My female goes around the house and pulls the floor register covers out of their holes – every day.

    1. patricia Hubbard says:

      I dont know why but I laughed so hard at visualizing your cat pulling up the registers! Thanks for the laugh. I look forward to all the funny things my little ragdoll will get into.

      1. Ha ha ha. They are such little buggers aren’t they?

  15. Janet Knowlton says:

    Yes my two Ragdolls do most of these things except for the wallpaper as we do not have any. My one year old takes the burner covers off my very expensive stove and throws them around. What can I do about that? Nothing because if I cover the stove it will blow up…maybe. Before I knew these two cats were like dogs we left food on our plates before realizing they would attack the plate and cart off a piece of pizza. Ours greet us at the door too and everything else you have mentioned. Your little guy is adorable. He looks younger than 12 weeks when you got him, eh? At least you are giving him a great home. I hate to hear of horrible breeders but there are many. Good luck with Cino. He’s awesome.

    1. Yeah the breeders thing is really scary. So many of them.

      Thanks Janet.

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