Chunky Knitted Cat Bed from Jennys KnitCo on Etsy Product Review

I first discovered Jenny’s KnitCo on Etsy’s Chunky Knitted Cat Bed and fell instantly in love – one of those things where I was like, “I HAVE GOT TO HAVE THAT!”  In other words, it was too gorgeous not to share with readers around the world.

Chunky Knitted Cat Bed from Jennys KnitCo on Etsy Product Review

This chunky cat bed is made of 100% organic merino wool and comes in lots of different colors – I have posted the color choices below – and comes in a standard diameter of 18 inches.  If you are not familiar with merino wool, it is very soft and cats tend to like wool.

As many of you know, for our reviews I do an arrival video (embedded below) to show how the bed comes and then we spend 4-6 weeks reviewing the product.  During the course of those 4-6 weeks, many readers will ask questions about the product.  Two of the questions I got, I have posted below, as I think they will help all interested in ordering this bed.

Washing This Bed

A reader asked about washing this bed, so I asked Jenny about it and she said, “I usually suggest dry cleaning only, because it’s organic merino wool.  But I did wash my beds in a bag meant for delicate clothes in the washing machine with delicate mode for wool and they look good but they did loose some softness (machine will cause the wool to felt) or if you put wrong mode it’s can destroy wool.”

Sizes of This Cat Bed

Another reader asked, “I really like the looks of the chunky, knitted cat bed, you featured, from Etsy. Which size bed did you have? I see they come in different sizes.”  Jenny replied, “This bed comes in one size 18 inches, but I can custom make any size.” Overall, I think this bed is a work of art – it is so aesthetically beautiful, I can’t handle it.  

I feel proud to have it in my home! Charlie has not laid in it that I have seen, but Chiggy laid it in daily when the weather was nicer and the windows were open.  Now that the weather has changed, he has changed sleeping positions, so I might need to switch up the placement of the bed again.  He immediately took to it – and that’s no surprise given his love for wool.

Chunky Knit Cat Bed Jennys KnitCo on Etsy Colors

Chiggy is trying to hide from me in the shot below – but I did a bird’s eye view in the arrival video with Charlie that will give you a better idea of how a large breed cat will fit in the bed.

Chunky Knitted Cat Bed from Jennys KnitCo on Etsy

Chunky Knitted Cat Bed from Jennys KnitCo on Etsy Arrival Video

Chunky Knitted Cat Bed from Jennys KnitCo on Etsy Product Review Video

Buy This Chunky Knitted Cat Bed

Unfortunately this Chunky Knitted Cat Bed from Jenny’s KnitCo on Etsy  is no longer being made – but there are many new options on Etsy available See more of our cat product reviews. We received the Chunky Knitted Cat Bed from Jennys KnitCo on Etsy for review from the manufacturer.  Receiving the free product did not influence this post.

Chunky Knitted Cat Bed from Jennys KnitCo on Etsy Product Review 5
Chunky Knitted Cat Bed from Jennys KnitCo on Etsy Product Review 5
Chunky Knitted Cat Bed from Jennys KnitCo on Etsy Product Review 5

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  1. Amy Cirillo says:

    I absolutely adored this bed when I got it – only problem was, Fede chewed it and sucked on it beyond recognition. In hindsight I would have waited until he were a little older to order it.

  2. Love all the colors!!
    Great selection!
    Just imagine how many orders she would get if a “Chiggy” came with each one!

    1. yes, the colors are so fun and fun to have that much of a selection. “Just imagine how many orders she would get if a “Chiggy” came with each one!” =)

      1. Patti Johnson says:

        She’d be a SQUILLIONAIRE!!!! 🙂 <3

  3. Teresa Reid says:

    Oh my gosh! Chiggy is looking even more adorable than he always does in that bed. I agree that it is a piece of art! Just gorgeous! Am putting that on my list for certain. Think that my girls would probably like it because it soft and not the felted wool. Paid a lot for one of the felted beds and the only one who ever sleeps in it is Gracie and only occasionally even though I’ve moved it to numerous places. Think they just aren’t really happy with the texture. The only thing about dry cleaning that worries me is the fluid they use and don’t know if I want them to be exposed to that. Just the other day, one of them (?) hacked up a huge hairball on one of their beds and had to wash it or it would have been ruined. That said, I wonder if doing a spot cleaning would be OK and not harm the fluffiness or damage the fibers of the wool? Know that some of the natural fibers also repel stains and think maybe this one would be too. That would be a good thing and why I’m putting it on their growing Floppycat list.♥♥♥

    1. =) yes, Teresa, I think this bed is more about buying the art than the functionality. It is a work of art and so very beautiful.

  4. Patti Johnson says:

    Gah! So much Triggy cuteness!!! Lurve the look of this bed so much!!! It is just such a stunning piece of work (art, really)! The array of colors you can get it in is amazing, too. I really am attracted to this cream color, though. Wonderful review videos (as usual)!!!

    Definitely putting this on my Wish List to think about for the future. Miss PSB is quite picky about her cat beds so not sure if she would like this one or not as she tends to like the cardboard beds the best. But she would look so gorgeous in this cream bed for sure! 🙂

    Thanks for the great info!!!!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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