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Angel - Ragdoll Cat

Angel came to me at a crucial time in my life. We named her Recovery Angel because she has certainly helped me recover. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery. I was home from the hospital just two days before she came. My little girl was with me, being so loving and attentive.

Angel on me when I just got home from the hospital
Angel on me when I just got home from the hospital

She would lie close to my surgical scar as if she knew exactly what was going on. It felt so soothing. I think, also, she was enjoying hearing my heart beat, quite frankly. After all, she was just a little baby. Iʼll enclose pictures of her with me while Iʼm still wearing my johnny. I shed a lot of tears with her as my constant companion. I had a lot of loving support from my family, but baby girl was always there.. Angel and I are the sole residents of my home. She needed me as much as I needed her.


She loves to hug. She just puts those pretty, silky feet up around my neck. In the morning she wakes me up with little pat-pats and kisses on my cheeks. What a wonderful way to wake up unless sheʼs an early bird and that does happen.

I had researched online, found the beautiful Ragdolls and fell in love.

Angel as a kitten
Angel as a kitten

Angel was hand raised by a family breeder. She was born in July 2004 and came to live with me in September. She is a seal point. She was a joy from the minute she arrived. Angel is a great bed buddy, loves to cuddle and purr. She does have a little temper. Things have to go her way.

Angel as a kitten
Angel as a kitten

Angel also loves to be brushed. Fetch with her mice is one of her favorite games. She initiated this on her own. Sheʼs always ready for fun and frolic. She loves to be coy and flirty with my son. She talks endlessly to him when he visits. Another favorite activity for her is watching all the little wild life outside. She has views from all windows. She will dash from one window to the other to keep and eye on whatever is taking her attention. She gets excited, scratches the window and makes chirping sounds.

Angel loves most of all to sleep on my bed, but also she has a favorite condo, itʼs soft and plush inside. Sheʼs very cozy there. Each morning she sits on my walker seat for her ride to the living area. What a hoot. She does NOT like to be picked up. She wants to get on your lap but for some reason doesnʼt enjoy being picked up from the floor. I have thought maybe because she was a Ragdoll it might be uncomfortable for her. Also, she will only jump very short distances. I have climbers for her by the windows.


Angel has different purring sounds: An anxious, loud purr–an angry purr, almost like a growl. My favorite is the gentle purr which is what she does most. Iʼm told that cats purr to soothe themselves when they are anxious or upset. Purring doesnʼt always convey happiness and contentment.

Eating is not Angelʼs favorite thing. Iʼve tried everything from the best the pet stores sell. NO! No! Finally, I got Fancy Feast with gravy. She finds that appealing. The veterinarian says sheʼs a healthy little girl, but her weight fluctuates from eight and one half pound up to ten pounds. She has a sturdy built but is very slim. She shows very little response to catnip. Strange, all my other cats would go berserk. Also, and Iʼm knocking on wood, Angel has faithfully used her litter box with Worldʼs Best Litter. Angel is an indoor cat. She does have allergies and sneezes from time to time, but itʼs not that troublesome.

Angel, like all cats, grooms and keeps herself beautiful, but the strangest thing is that her grooming also includes biting her nails. This doesnʼt seem to cause any injury, the plus is her nails stay short.

Finally, sheʼs such a pal. Her blue eyes are so expressive. She looks straight into my eyes, her eyes half closed with the look of pure adoration.

Right now sheʼs proofreading her story. (Not really). It seems she approves. She hates sharing my time with the computer and will get between the monitor and me.

Thanks for listening to my Angelʼs story. If you donʼt have an Angel, you MUST get one. She is the best and brightest cat Iʼve ever had.


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Hi, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt got the first Ragdoll cat in our family, I have loved the breed. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other Ragdoll cat lovers around the world,

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  1. The power that animals have to put humans in the mental state for healing is amazing and evident with Angel. Angel rules. I remember when we got her from a small farm to the north where they hand-raised her and we brought her to mom. Angel loved her and mom loved Angel.

    1. Jason, thanks for bringing our sweet Angel home. You know what a good girl she is. She loves you and loves to flirt with you, right? Love you, Mom

  2. Yes, I am on Facebook–did very little with it at first but it’s my home page now. I’d love to “meet” you there, Jackie. Send your Friend Request to BETH MOREY… Of course we’re friends already 🙂

  3. I do have a wonderful relationship with my Angel, Lisa. She did come into my life at exactly the right time. She’s helped me laugh and smile even on the worst of days. I’m partial, but I think she’s a beauty, too. She has the dearest heart and wants my undivided attention. Right now she has her feet on the keyboard begging for my attention, so I MUST give it to her. Thanks!

  4. What a wonderful relationship you have with your “Angel”. I totally believe in fate and I know she is more of a guardian angel to you for sure. They come in our lives when we need them the most. Angel is a very good nurse for sure. She is absolutely beautiful and I feel honored that you shared your story with us. Best Wishes on your recovery.

  5. I love to hear these stories!! There is something about this breed that is unique and so kind and compassionate..This was a beautiful story and I loved reading it..Good job WELL DONE !!!

    1. Hi Gail, I think there really is something unique with these babies. They are so keen on picking up our every mood. The sweetest things ever. Angel is very kind and as you said, compassionate.

      I enjoyed writing the story, I meant all of this with my whole heart… Thank you for your kind words.

  6. What a wonderful story and relationship between you and your Angel, the name is very fitting!

    1. Thank you, Melody. There’s nothing like the comfort of complete acceptance we get from these babies. Angel is a recovery baby sent to me from above.

  7. Thank you for sharing your lovely Angel’s pictures and story! My daughter is a breast cancer survivor, too, and feels her little dog pulled her through. He needed his walks so she got her exercise even when she was so tired and weak from the chemotherapy. I’m glad Angel keeps you company and you two are looking after each other!
    My Ragdoll boys were “mitted” Seal Points with big snow-white paws, Gorgeous Gizmo and Magnificent Moosie. Floppy Cats are really wonderful, aren’t they?
    I wish you a speedy recovery and many years of joy with your beautiful little girl 🙂
    P.S. If Angel ever has problems with the litter you’re using, try the Cat Attract that was reviewed here not long ago.

    1. Thank you, Beth. The special little animals are our blessings. I do believe they help bring us through and give us a reason to keep going. I’m sorry your daughter had so go through the weariness and pain.
      Angel and I do look out for each other. I like the names for your ragdolls. They certainly are wonderful cats.
      I’m doing just fine now. My baby is bringing me joy, for sure.
      Prayers for your daughter. Cancer is not a fun journey. But with the love of our family, friends and of course our animals, we get through it quite triumphantly stronger for what we’ve gone through. Life takes on a whole new meaning.
      PS: Angel had problems with several kinds of litter but World’s Best seems the most suitable for her.

      1. Thanks for your kindness toward my daughter, Jackie 🙂 She is 37 today, nearly three years past chemo with “all clear” test results so far. She shares your thoughts about the journey and lives life to the fullest every day. Boo is her Guardian Angel, a male canine version of your Recovery Angel, I’d say. Love is really the best medicine. I’m sending our love and best well-wishes to you…

        1. Thank you, Beth. I’m glad your daughter has the “all clear” results. 37 is so young to have to go through all of this. They have done so much research that many new meds are helping in such a big way. Boo sounds like a wonderful Guardian Angel. Love is indeed the best medicine. Thanks for the love. I’m doing great. I feel that your daughter is going to be around for many years.

          1. YOU are an angel, too, Jackie! It’s perfect that you have your own Recovery Angel. You are making a big difference in many people’s lives by sharing your story and your words of encouragement here. Thank you so much for your kindness. I will wish you WELL every single day 🙂

          2. I don’t see any reply under the following comment from you, Beth, but I wanted to say I’m happy that I have encouraged people by my write up of my precious Angel. I hope I’ve made a difference in peoples’ lives. My prayer is that people will find faith and courage while going through cancer. We know help is on its way and it takes many forms. The Lord, my family and of course, my Angel has made all the difference. I can’t leave out the medical community. They have been very compassionate and caring. We’ll count our blessings on the Valentine’s day. Thank you! Are you on Facebook? We could “friend’ each other.

  8. What a beautiful kitty and a beautiful story! It’s especially touching how she accompanied you on your healing journey as a soothing companion. My two sweet and angelic Raggie boys serve a similar function for me. It’s like they take care of us more than we do for them…

    1. Thank you, Geo. Angel did indeed accompany me on my journey. She was such a comfort and sensed when I needed that extra little hug and purr. They do take care of us and really ask nothing back but cuddles. It’s easy to cuddle these little dolls, isn’t it? I thank God for my little girl every day. You have two angelic boys, good for you, that’s double the love.

  9. This is the most adorable and touching, beautifully written story. I feel like I know the little doll! What a blessing. And I can attest to the comfort that a loving Raggie brings. I am alone now for the first time in my life, and my almost 9 yr old baby boy is always with me, draping himself over whatever I’m doing, wherever I go. I never shoo him away, for he needs and craves the love, and so do I.

    1. Barbara, you are so kind to give such wonderful comments. Angel is my little blessing, for sure. I think when we are alone our babies fill our lives with such joy. Your baby boy is 9 years old, what is his name? They do love to drape over and see every single thing we do. Curious cats. I like the part where you said you never shoo him away because he craves love and attention and so do you. It’s like that in my world, too. Thanks for sharing. Jackie

  10. Jack Waldhelm says:

    What a beauty!

    1. Thanks, Jack. She is a beauty and has a heart of pure gold.

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