The Kong Zoomgroom: The Best Grooming Brush for Your Ragdoll

Last Updated on August 13, 2021 by Jenny

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Kong Zoom Groom For Cats

The Ragdoll breed has hair that is almost mat-resistant because its silky coat tends to stay smooth and does not require the type of grooming that some longhaired breeds do. Yet, regular combing and brushing is necessary to control shedding and to keep the coat beautiful. In addition regular combing and brushing will remove the loose cat hair from your Ragdoll coat before they have a chance to shed off onto your clothes and furniture.

The Kong Zoomgroom is one of best grooming brushes on the market. This brush removes loose hair as if the hairs were somehow drawn to it. In addition it invigorates capillaries and helps your feline coat with the production of its natural oils. Regular grooming with the Zoomgroom will also help to reduce hair balls, making both cat and owner happy. This is one of those cat products that is a must-have.   

When you groom your Ragdoll cat two to three times a week you’ll keep on top of any abnormalities such as lumps cuts and scratches. Both you and your cat will learn to enjoy groom time. The brush is made of soft rubber and is easy for you to handle. In addition your cat will enjoy the massaging of the gentle bristles. No longer will grooming be a hassle or something that you and your furry feline dread. Also, by establishing a regular grooming routine your cat will become accustomed to such a necessary part of its care.

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