Sleepypod Air Product Review

Last Updated on October 19, 2021 by Jenny

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Sleepypod Air Carrier and Charlie
Sleepypod Air Carrier and Charlie

Sleepypod Air Product Review

We were sent a Sleepypod Air to review.  As we’ve come to expect with Sleepypod, a very innovative, modern and hip pet product company, Sleepypod Air is another excellent product in their line of cat travel products.  You might have already read the product review we did on their Sleepypod Carrier. I am impressed with the Sleepypod Air carrier.  In fact, I like it so much that I will be using it for a regular carrier.  Here are the reasons that I love the Sleepypod Air:
  • It’s a fun color!
  • It has a black mesh top so that your kitty can see out, but feels safe and secure at the same time
  • Sleepypod Air Collapsed, Ready For Storage
    Sleepypod Air Collapsed, Ready For Storage
    It collapses for easy storage – not only in your closet but also if you’re going to pick up a kitty and need to put the carrier in your suitcase
  • It feels good when you carry it with your kitty inside – it isn’t bulky or awkward
  • Charlie, Trigg and Caymus (the three Ragdoll cats that tried it out, loved it!)
  • You can use the straps on both sides to secure the Sleepypod Air in your car.
  • The plush cover on the removable foam bed is machine washable.
  • The outside of the carrier is easily cleaned with a damp cloth.
I love products that can be used for more than their original purpose.  Charlie and Trigg love to simply hang out in this carrier (if I leave it out).  They like that they feel hidden, but can see everything too. As far as an airline pet carrier, the Sleepypod Air is also top notch.  Here’s why…
  • Sleepypod has done all the homework – this one fits under the seat – which is great for stowage during take-off and landing.
Sleepypod Air Airline Pet Carrier
Sleepypod Air Airline Pet Carrier
    • It meets most major airline carry-on pet regulations by being able to compress in length from 22″ to 16″.
    • Sleepypod has organized the various airlines and their regulations into a handy chart – eliminating time that you have to spend on an automated machine waiting to talk to the airline!
Easily Slides Onto Your Roller Bag's Handle
Easily Slides Onto Your Roller Bag’s Handle
  • Top open for easy access to your kitty.
  • You can purchase absorbent travel pads – in case there are accidents on longer trips.
  • You can easily slip it onto your roller bag – so that you can maneuver through the airport with ease.
The Sleepypod Air comes in 5 different colors:
  • Orange Dream – we product tested this color – so fun!
  • Jet Black
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Glacier Silver
  • Strawberry Red
There are also accessories that you can buy with your Sleepypod Air:
  • The Sleepypod Mini Warmer Kit can be installed in the pocket of the padding and the cord has an access hole that goes out the bottom zipper on the back.
  • Absorbent Travel Pads are available for those longer trips where you can’t get your kitty to a litter box.
Sleepypod Air and Charlie's Paw
Sleepypod Air and Charlie’s Paw
Videos of Our Sleepypod Air Product Testing, first one is with Caymus and the second with Charlie and Trigg:

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31 thoughts on “Sleepypod Air Product Review

  1. Chloe says:

    Does this fit full sized ragdolls? My boy will probably reach the full 9 or 10kgs and I love this but I’m not sure if he’ll fit.

  2. Kayla says:

    I can just see my tuxedo cat missy laying in a straw berry red colored one And I could use it as a bed because my dog sissy has a crate that is soft and it is hard to find a carrier missy feels comfee in so I want to go with a soft sided carrier

  3. Uila says:

    I read your posts about the sleepypod air and the atom and ended up purchasing 2 of the sleepypod air, even though it is really expensive here in germany, 199 euros each.
    my ragdolls are now weighting between 6 kilos and 6 kilos and a half, so i guess they were on the limit or over the limit for the atom… and i didnt want to have any regrets and have an expensive sleepypod atom unesed in the future, so i splurged and got two of the air.

  4. yezi says:

    my favorite part of the new sleepy pod air is how it can go on the suitcase handle. This is a great feature as it can be difficult on one’s shoulders to only have a shoulder strap. I have the sherpa and I am very interested in the sleepy pod air. I also like how it can become smaller by folding the side parts-for airlines that require smaller carriers. Thankyou!

  5. Madeline Cardona says:

    I just bought the red one sleepypod air for my shitzu, but the reviews only talks about kittens. I’m afraid that I bought the wrong one. My shitzu weights 13 pounds. Can you telll me more about using it for dogs?

    • admin says:


      I only have experience with the product as far as cats are concerned. I have forwarded your concerns onto and asked them to please respond.

      However, my cats are 13 lbs and 15 lbs. so I would think your Shitzu would be fine – since s/he is probably the same size as my cats.


    • admin says:

      Carlos, I will be doing the drawing tomorrow night. I will announce the winner shortly thereafter. Thanks, Jenny

  6. Jennifer says:

    The sleepypod air looks great. Checking the link to the comparison it even seems like a good choice for me since I usually fly JetBlue and the Mini doesn’t fit that airlines requirements but the air does. The fact that the reviewer said that it is comfortable to carry is a big plus.

    I also adore the picture of ‘Sleepypod Air and Charlie’s Paw’!

    Thanks for the videos and review.

    Sleepypod Admirer and Bengal Owner (or owned by a Bengal cat)

  7. Carlos says:

    I really admire the sleepypod air products………And wish to win one!!! my friend has a pet carrier nothing like this…….I hope to win it soon.


  8. taylor says:

    This carrier is extremely innovative. I just love the way it can minimize it’s size. This was a great review of the product. I have yet to see one in person but from the pictures and videos that I have seen online it is very cool and sleek.

  9. sabrina says:

    my favorite part of the new sleepy pod air is how it can go on the suitcase handle. This is a great feature as it can be difficult on one’s shoulders to only have a shoulder strap. I have the sherpa and I am very interested in the sleepy pod air. I also like how it can become smaller by folding the side parts-for airlines that require smaller carriers. Thankyou!

  10. Debra Mintmier says:

    Normally I report on giveaways but this is something I’d steal for myself! Cool Logo, beautiful Form follow Function Rule breaker! Yeah SleepyPod! We like!

  11. Joan Mierzwa says:

    That carrier is ideal. My cats would love something like that. I do not like using the hard carriers that I have because I feel they are dangerous. These are very safe, handy and easily stored.

  12. Gale says:

    What an innovative item. It is priced on the high end, but the features for air travel are great, and the security for in-car travel is amazing. I wish I would have thought of it.

    I might pick one up so that I have it when I pick up my puppy in Sweden. this year.

      • Gale says:

        I am picking up a Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from one of the top world breeders of Cavaliers. I hope she will be the foundation of my kennel. I have been looking for a quality dog for 6 years, and I am going to pick her up in August.

  13. Darcey says:

    This carrier seems really good! I like that it folds for easy storage, it meets several standards for different airlines, the pad on the inside is washable, and it comes in fun colors! I’ve been looking for a second carrier for my newest cat so I’m hoping I win! Good luck to all!

  14. Nan says:

    Love it. The versatility is super. Cats can get used to using it on a regular basis so when getting them into it for travel of any sort they will do it willingly. Just overall great design and well thoughtout product.

  15. Peggy N says:

    This Sleepypod Air Product is awesome. I can just picture one of my ragdolls in the silver one. It seems they have thought of everything as far as shipping or transporting a cat. So nice!

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