Ragdoll Cat Behavior: Does Your Cat Climb into Your Pants When You’re on the Toilet?

Simba in pantsA Floppycats reader, Rhuel, sent me these photos and asked, “Is this normal?”

Cat in Pants

I replied that I didn’t know if it was normal but that Charlie certainly did it until he got too big to fit!

So it begs the question – Does your Ragdoll cat do this?  Please feel free to leave a comment to add to the discussion!

Simba in pants

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  1. Yes Ive had two Ragdolls and them insisting on being with me when I was on the toilet was quite annoying,especially first thing in the morning,it certainly is a Ragdoll trait,cause until,I got Raggys,none of my Cats ever wanted to follow me in the restroom.A VERY STRANGE RAGDOLL TRAIT,LOL.BUT SO TRUE.

  2. Natalie Wilder says:

    Absolutely! Both of my Ragdolls did it throughout their entire lives. And if they weren’t in my panties, it was because they had jumped up into my lap. I might add that there was no shutting them out of the bathroom, either–if I tried, a furry little paw would appear under the door, pulling on it and trying to open it to get in, and there would also be serious complaining in those sweet little Ragdoll voices.

  3. Jodie ThatOne Guy Logan says:

    My Keiko does it all the time.

  4. My cat does but he is a maine coon. He probably won’t fit in for long 🙂

  5. Both of my kittens (Frankie and Ozzie) do this. It’s so funny but shocked me the first time! Lol

  6. Punkin's Mom says:

    This is hilarious… My Ragdoll Punkin just sits, purrs, and stares when I am in the bathroom. I used to think this was odd, but all of a sudden that sounds better than having a cat sleeping in your pants. 🙂

  7. Shadow Dance Ranch Kittehs says:

    Missy Mouse always did that with her *Papa*. 🙂

  8. Mr Darcy used to do it frequently when he was smaller but no so much now. Favorite was when I wore stretchy track pants. I would roll around and it would be quite difficult to get him out or he would try to go down the leg.

  9. One of my kittens does this frequently, but they both visit the bathroom with me nearly every time. When I get up from my desk and head in the direction, they get there before me.

  10. Emily sits on my lap, but has never done this- so funny! She jumps up on the tank behind me then slithers down my front until she gets settled into a comfortable lap position.

    1. charlie doesn’t do it any more because he can’t fit anymore – but he still tries! it’s funny.

  11. tammy mattke says:

    Omg both my kittens do it….

  12. OMG! So hilarious! I was laughing out loud so hard my sweet hubby came in from the other room to check on why I was having so much fun without him. lol 🙂

    Pink Sugar sits at my feet. I’m sure if I had my pants down around my ankles when during toilet time she’d be there!

    Big hugs!

    Patti & Pink Sugar 🙂 <3

    1. i always had my pants at my knees and charlie would hop in…at first i discouraged it, but he was adamant (imagine that from charlie)…so i let him.

  13. nyeca Chino says:

    I thought I was the only one lol,..it’s awful.

    1. ha ha – i thought i was the only one too until this reader sent it in.

  14. hahhah so funny! be sure to close the door behind you next time!

  15. YES, my Monty does this! And if you knew your kitten would do it every time you went to the bathroom, you would know to bring a camera! It’s hilarious! One time as I pulled my pants up, he just stayed there and ‘flopped’ each half of his body in each pant leg! I had no idea anybody else experienced this!

    1. love it – i would pull up my pants too and charlie would fall down one leg of my pants – slowly – and come out at the ankle…and be like, “fun! when can we do that again?”

  16. none of the 3 have done that. say who takes a camera to the toilet with them?

    1. someone with a smart phone that already has a camera on it, i bet!

      1. The smartphone has replaced the newspaper and/or magazine as the #1 “thing” being taken into the bathroom. I’m sure other cats do this…just a matter of time before their owners come clean!!

  17. Shelia love says:

    OMG! I’m still laughing

  18. dex sits IN my pants/shorts/whatever in the bathroom 😀

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