Petfusion BetterBox NON-STICK Litter Box

The PetFusion BetterBox NON-STICK Litter Box reduces soiled litter from sticking to the bottom of the box by up to 70% with its non-toxic, durable coating. This makes for less scraping and easier cleaning.


PetFusion is a company that provides fantastic products for your companions animals. I have liked many of the products I’ve reviewed from their company. This NON-STICK Litter Box is no exception- I have found it to be another high-quality pet product. Depending on how your kitty pees and covers (see my review video for more on that), this product can make the cleaning process easier. If you have been looking for a cat litter that won’t stick to the bottom of the box or how to keep litter from sticking, this might be the answer for you.

The boxes are sold as a single unit or in packages of two. I would suggest getting two even if you only have one cat, as most cats like to pee in one box and poop in another. The litter box features a pet-safe coating to keep litter from getting stuck, and protects against to protect from scraping and scratches. It is easy to wipe off any poop or pee marks on the sides or top of the litter box, without having to scrub. They’re lightweight. It has a low entry, which is a helpful feature for older cats and cats with low mobility. If you do have a cat that pees higher or throws litter, this may not be the box for you. The NVR Miss may be a better fit for you and your kitty.

PetFusion offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee for any BetterBox with manufacturer defects, so if you do have any problems (or if you had a box from an earlier run and had issues with it- see my review for more info), contact them for help.

Be sure to grab a Litter-Lifter to scoop your litter out of this box!

PetFusion BetterBox LARGE Litter Box Unboxing/Arrival Video


PetFusion BetterBox LARGE Litter Box Final Product Review Video

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