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Cat beds are an essential cat product to have in your home, so your kitties have somewhere comfy to sleep and lounge. It’s important that they have their own space and bed they can rest on. It is also nice to have separate pet beds so they are on those rather than your furniture. There are many different types of pet beds or cat beds to choose from, and your cat may like one kind and not another. She also may really like a bed if it is in a place she already sleeps, but not if you put it elsewhere. We have links to several different kinds of beds in our shop, which have all been tested and reviewed by us. We currently have pet lounger beds, covered cat beds, enclosed cat beds and cat caves, modern pet beds, cat bowl beds, pet lounger beds, cardboard cat beds, and beds that are dual purpose- cat scratcher and bed in one. Some of the beds we carry are marketed for dogs, but we have found them to work really well for our large breed Ragdoll cats. For more information about each bed, check out our product unboxing and review videos, and the blog posts about the products.

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