PurrFur Modern Cat House

Purrfurr Modern Cat House is a plywood cat house with a very stylish retro design. It serves as a place of relaxation for cats, but also a spot where they can hide because it is partially closed out.

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The Modern Cat House from PurrFur is a cat bed and a cat house made out of plywood. It has a retro design that features a part that is closed out and an entrance area for the cat. It has sturdy legs and a comfortable pillow inside. The design makes it a good hiding spot for shy cats, but it is also a very good place for cats to relax.

It is large enough (15,2’’ x 15,75’’ x 15,75’’) to fit most cats, even Ragdolls, but if you have a very large cat you might want to check the dimensions. The cat furniture from PurrFur are handmade and you can see the attention to detail in the design. The cat house came already assembled in the box, so it is ready to use. The pillow inside is washable and it comes in a zipper cover.

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