Petstages Easy Life Cat Scratcher

The Petstages Easy Life Scratch Snuggle and Rest is a very popular cat scratcher and bed in one. It is one of our favorite pet products and readers frequently post pictures of their kitties on them.


The Petstages Easy Life Scratch Snuggle and Rest is an all-time favorite cat product in my home, with my aunt and her Ragdoll cats, and for many Floppycats readers. My aunt’s cat spends most of the day on the Petstages Snuggle and Rest. In my house, Charlie uses it mostly for scratching, while Trig uses it mostly for sleeping. I have posted pictures of my cats on these and then readers respond with pictures of their own cats on them, which tells me that they are popular with more than just us.

This Petstages scratcher bed is made of corrugated cardboard, which I mention a lot because cats are naturally attracted to it. They love to scratch and sleep on it. These come completely assembled. They are lightweight and easy to move, and because they are cardboard, the entire bed can be recycled when your cat has worn it out. They come with a sample of catnip in case you need to sprinkle some on the cardboard cat bed to encourage your kitty to try it out. The main critique I hear about this product is the size. These are not terribly large, and I would love to see them make a larger version. Even though Trig loves to sleep on it, as a large breed Ragdoll cat, he barely fits on it, but as the saying goes, “If it fits, I sits!”



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