Felix Katnip Tree Company Tall Cat Scratching Post

The Felix Katnip Tree Company Tall Cat Scratching Post is one of the best scratching posts we have used, and it can double as a cat perch because it is so tall. My cats love this scratching post – both for scratching and for sitting.


The Felix Katnip Tree Company Tall Cat Scratching Post is a handmade cat scratching post that is tall enough for cats to use as a perch or window seat, as well as an inviting scratching surface. They are 28 inches tall and weigh about 10 lbs- they are very sturdy. These scratching posts are made to order and come with a few different options for the type of wood and the style. We reviewed the birch wood, which is made with real wood and finished with linseed oil (which I love the smell of). The scratching surface is made from hemp sisal, which holds up very well even though cats love scratching it so much. Hemp sisal is also a sustainable and biodegradable product, which I like because I like eco-friendly cat products. Sisal is a great alternative to carpet for covering scratching posts because carpet is synthetic and it also teaches your kitty that carpet is a scratching surface, which you obviously don’t want to do.

This Tall Cat Scratch Post comes in three pieces- the base, the post, and the top perch. It is very easy to assemble with just a couple of screws and a screwdriver, and the holes are already drilled for you. Felix Katnip Tree Company makes these scratching posts in the USA, which I also like. I do like products that are made in other countries, but it is nice to support American businesses and small business owners.

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