Scratchy Ramp 2.0

The Scratchy Ramp 2.0 from Alpha Paw doubles as a ramp and a scratcher, which makes it extremely useful for cat owners. Young cats can use the ramp to play and senior cats can use it to reach higher places easier. The scratcher pad is removable and replaceable.

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Doubling as a fun scratcher and a ramp, the Scratchy Ramp 2.0 from Alpha Paw is extremely useful. It is handmade and it arrives fully assembled. The scratcher pad is removable and the scratcher is replaceable, making this scratcher very durable.

The ramp is angled at a 45° angle, which makes it excellent for 4-paw scratching. In fact, the inclination makes it a very tempting scratcher for the cat. The Scratchy Ramp 2.0 is also a lot of fun to climb, especially if it leads to one of the cat’s favorite spots.

It is also very useful for older cats that might need help getting to higher places. If you choose to purchase the Scratchy Ramp 2.0, then use our discount code – FLOPPYCATS20 to save 20%. Keep in mind that the code also works as an Alpha Paw coupon and that it is also good for their Paw Ramp.


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