Necoichi Cozy Cat Scratcher Tower

The Cozy Cat Scratcher Tower from Necoichi is a two-tier scratching bowl with tower. It gives your cats multiple options for when to lounge or snooze, and is ideal for sharing between two cats. Made from 100% recycled materials, the scratch pads are long-lasting and replaceable too.


The design of the scratch bowl is aimed at providing a comfortable space where your cat can relax and cozy up, whilst giving them a stimulating surface that they can scratch. This tower combines two of these bowls in one, so if your cat likes variety or you’ve two cats that fight over scratch pads, there are options available.

Each of the inserts is reversible and replaceable. Once one side is worn down (which can take a long time), you simply remove it, flip it over and push it through to reverse the concave before replacing it. And because it uses the same inserts as the popular standalone Cat Scratcher Bowl, replacements are easy to find.

The tower itself is also made from recycled paper, with exposed corrugated cardboard inner and outer walls for a true multi-surface scratcher. It fits together simply with no extra tools needed, and it measures 22.9” tall and 20.5” wide so it’s big enough for some larger cats to get comfortable. The sidewalls of the frame have a wood panel effect that will fit in with any interior design.

Because it’s made from cardboard, the tower is lightweight which makes it easy to move around your home if you need to. It’s still strong enough to comfortably support a cat on the upper level though. Also, the adhesive used to hold the corrugated cardboard together is plant-based and free of chemicals, so there’s nothing harmful for your cat no matter how much they tear it apart.

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