Bowsers Pet Bed Urban Lounger

The Bowsers Pet Bed Urban Lounger is a high quality, modern pet bed that we absolutely love. The material and fabric make it a super soft bed for cats.

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Bowsers Pet Bed Urban Loungers are attractive, eco-friendly, washable pet beds. The craftsmanship is obvious – these beds were very well thought out. This is mainly marketed for dogs, so they are rather large, but the small size (26”x18”x7”) is ideal for large breed Ragdoll cats. The fabrics are Oeko-Tex certified. Oeko-Tex is an environmental association that tests textiles and certifies that they weren’t produced using harmful substances or chemicals and that the end products don’t contain any either. I have had feedback that the Bowsers Urban Loungers are too pricey and the same thing is sold at Wal-Mart for less. I disagree – while some of the patterns and the shape may be similar to something you might find cheaper at a department store, this product is definitely not the same – these really are unique cat beds.

These luxury cat beds are very high quality, safe for your pets, and are made in Canada. The fabric and materials are pet safe, and the beds are made to order. There are (at the writing of this description) 98 fabric patterns and colors to pick from! The fabric is a washable micro-velvet that keeps your kitties cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. They do attract pet hair, but I would rather that than on my furniture. They can be vacuumed off and spot cleaned. The fabric is all in one piece and the bolsters are zippered in. You can unzip from the bottom and sides and remove the bolsters to wash the fabric cover in the washing machine on cool. They can be air or tumble dried. A machine washable cat bed is a must in my house, and this one holds up really well.

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