Meowfia Felted Cat Cave

The Meowfia Felted Cat Cave is a Merino Wool cat cave with a large, cable knit opening. It is high quality, super soft, and durable.


The Meowfia Felted Cat Cave was chosen by readers to review for a giveaway. It is made from 100% New Zealand Merino Wool, which I really like. I have reviewed a lot of cat caves and like them in general. I really enjoy this one, especially for Charlie, because the opening is a bit larger than some others, and he has used this one quite a bit, despite not generally being a fan of enclosed spaces around him. I like felted wool cat caves because they are all natural and don’t have a bunch of chemicals that can hurt my cats.

The Meowfia Cat Cave is thick and sturdy, so scratching doesn’t do much damage. It has to be hand washed (although, I have washed other wool cat caves on a cool, gentle cycle with success), but it is really easy to clean anyhow. Because this cat bed is made from wool, it repels liquid odor, stains, and dirt. It can be spot cleaned or vacuumed off for accidents or if your cat gets sick on it. It naturally collects cat hair, so if your cat sheds a lot on your furniture, you could put it in her favorite spot and help keep the hair a little more confined. The hair can be easily cleaned with the Lilly Brush or a vacuum. It is also anti-bacterial. One nice feature of Merino Wool cat cave beds is that they are warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. This company makes a lot of different cat caves and they are very passionate about their business, which I appreciate.

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