Natural Cat Food Recipes

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Palace Ragdoll Kittens Eating Raw Food

Natural cat food recipes are becoming more prominent as feline owners look for alternatives to regular cat food, whether it they are the dry or wet variety. A cat’s diet is essential to its health. Your cat is what he or she eats. Natural raw cat food is becoming more prominent as more people look for homemade cat food recipes.

If you think about the natural instinctual cat food diet, it is raw food – birds, mice and other small rodents. Cats are carnivores and therefore, should be fed meat! The carbohydrates and other processed stuff in regular dry food is not what nature intended, but it is what society has come to accept.

Natural Cat Food Recipes

Palace Cats Ragdoll Kitten Eating Raw Food


You might find that it is easier than you originally thought. Cats are, by nature, curious creatures, so if you prepare natural raw cat food for your cat and leave it by his or her dry food overnight, you might find overtime that your cat will go for the raw food (like raw chicken breast, thigh, liver, heart, gizzard, turkey neck). You might find it helpful to cut the meat into tiny bites and ground the bones for the first batches. Yes, it takes time to prepare the food in advance but it is so worth it in the end. Many cats and dogs alike love zucchini, so you might try that on your little character.

Remember that it is a good idea on introduce a variety of foods to your feline, however only a small bit at a time because you’ll want to get your cat’s stomach used to the different proteins you’ve been introducing. Especially, if your cat has never been on a raw food diet.


A healthy raw fed cat doesn’t need to go to the vet because they end up with no chronic illnesses, which in turn puts money into your pocket.

A cat who is properly fed, is a healthy cat who will stay out of vet’s office – other than for wellness visits.

  • Improved oral health
  • Increased Digestion
  • Control over food sanitation
  • More Nutrient Rich Food
  • Challenge of Eating Raw keeps your cat lean and trim

Palace Cats Eating Raw Food


Cats have more of a chance coming in contact with Salmonella in DRY food than in raw meat. A HEALTHY cat who encounters Salmonella will have no ill effects from it, however, a cat with a COMPROMISED immune system is another story. They MAY develop diarrhea.

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7 thoughts on “Natural Cat Food Recipes

  1. Jordan says:

    I was wondering if I could hunt small birds and rodents around my house and feed them to my cats, or would it be considered dangerous and unsanitary because they could carry diseases and parasites? Like what has been said above, that’s what wild cats eat, why not mine?

  2. Audrey says:

    I am more convinced of “going back as nature intended” with regards to feeding my cats a raw diet. When I was young, i witnessed my pet cat eat his caught mouse for his meal. Nothing went wrong with regards to his health. All footages too of all the big and wild cats out there eat their foods raw.. So why not take the extra effort for our feline pet friends?

    • admin says:


      I agree. I haven’t done it with my cats, though. I wanted to but my vet discouraged it because I wouldn’t know if the food had been out of the freezer in route from the manufacturer to my local store. I still think about it daily!


      • Erin says:

        Jenny, I would try to find a holistic store in your area or I could even suggest one by me if you want to talk to someone. Vets know medicine and are sometimes turned off by holistic approaches. Also, cat food can be sold out of your vet and moving to raw May hurt their bottom line. Not to say your vet is money driven or narrow minded but I think you should get other opinions. I have an IBD kitty and I blame the current cat food industry and vaccinations on her obtaining this disease. Just a thought, not trying to preach. 🙂

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