Mr Bojangles – Ragdoll of the Week

Mr Bojangles
Mr Bojangles

My  cats name is Mr Bojangles . He is 1 year and 7 months old. He is a seal point mitted male ragdoll and weighs 18 pounds.  He just finished competing in the 8th International Ragdoll Congress in York, Pa.  There were over 200 cats of all breeds from all over the United States, Canada and as far away as the Netherlands.

Mr. Bojangles  was awarded Best Ragdoll Alter by Judge Kay Devilbiss on Nov.  2. out of all the ragdolls entered in the Congress. It was a very proud moment for both my husband Chuck and myself, and also for our breeder Mable Roberts of Willow Tree Rags.

Mr Bojangles
Mr Bojangles

How did it all start? I never thought of ever getting a cat for myself.  It all started with my granddaughter.  She wanted a kitty.  So we went online to research a breed that was intelligent, had a docile and affectionate nature with children and had the best attitude with people in general and very laid back.

Well of course what came up was the Ragdoll breed.  They were the most like a loving dog and most loved children and was so docile and sweet.  Loved dogs, birds, people, and all other animals!!  Would meet you at the door when you came home!   Not fussy or hard to take care of.  And exceptionally beautiful!!  My husband and I fell in love with Bruin, our granddaughter’s Ragdoll, and had to have one of our own.

Mr Bojangles
Mr Bojangles

So my search for a breeder in Massachusetts began!

I researched many breeders in New England and was immediately drawn to Willowtreerags cattery in Mansfield, Ma., owned  by Mable Roberts.  She had an impeccable reputation for healthy, disease free cats.

I emailed Mable Roberts immediately, owner of Willowtree and told her I was interested in a baby from her. I had my mind made up for a seal point mitted male.  I read all about her different cats and I was very interested in a kitty from Silk Stocking and Apollo.  She said I would have first pick of the litter and I sent my deposit.

I was on pins and needles for a month until March 23, 2011, the litter was born, and sure enough there were 3 male seal point mitteds for me to choose from.  Mable is the best!  She sent many

Mr Bojangles
Mr Bojangles

pictures and videos of all the babies.  They were all so beautiful.  I chose one and the wait began.  He had to be 12 weeks before he came home to us.  But Mable sent many pictures of him growing along the way.

Then the day came when we could pick him up and finally meet!  Love at first sight!!  He adapted quickly to his new home and soon was following me around wherever I went.  He loves to talk and lets you know when it is breakfast time or dinner time, also when he wants to play. He mostly just sleeps curled up on the computer table if you are on it or in my husband’s leather chair when he wants to be in it!  Loves to chase a swishy tinsel toy on a stick and play with a catnip filled knitted cupcake!  A ride around the yard in his cat stroller is a very special treat for him.  He gets to see and smell the outdoors up close as he is of course an indoor only cat.  Another special spot he loves to be is in the window.  So most every window in our house has a spot he can lay on and look out.  We put a pad on top of our file cabinet and another desktop which are in windows.   In our kitchen we have a big low window he sits on a pedestal and watches the birds in the bird feeder and the squirrels playing.

Fell asleep waiting for Santa
Fell asleep waiting for Santa

I am enclosing several pictures of him from a kitten to now.  One of my favorites is of him when he fell asleep waiting for Santa under our Christmas tree.

I decided I wanted to show him at the cat shows because my daughter, granddaughter and I went to a local cat show in Marstons Mills, Ma., put on by the Salty Cats Club and TICA (the International Cat Association) and it was very interesting.   There were cat photographers, and cat rescue organizations, and cat product vendors, etc, etc. The people were so nice and there were many different breeds to learn about that were also competing. They also have Household Pets entered.    People flew in with their cats from all over the world. Check out the TICA website.

Mr Bojangles – Ragdoll of the WeekSo I entered Mr Bojangles in his first show at 7 months old. The judges loved him and he did very well.

Mable was very supportive and helped me the whole way.  She loaned me a cage and taught me everything I needed to know and how to do it. ( the bath, the grooming, etc, etc.)  Just have fun and enjoy she would say.  She was a wonderful mentor.  Of course I was nervous and stressed! She would calm me down and make me feel at home.  Another Ragdoll breeder was beside me and knew I was a novice so he introduced himself and made me feel comfortable and offered to help in any way.  I couldn’t believe it!  I was his competition!  Ken Staples from Kasseldolls welcomed me with a few necessities and gifts for Mr Bojangles, he will always be special to me for that! I was “hooked”!  Not only for the competitiveness but the social part also.  I have made many friends from all over at the cat shows.

Mr Bojangles – Ragdoll of the WeekThe judges loved  Mr Bojangles as a kitty and now they love him as an adult alter.  He has been competing against some of the most beautiful ragdoll alters in the country and has done very well.  He has made us all so proud.

Mr Bojangles became a Champion Alter at just 8 mos., Grand, Double Grand, Triple Grand and Quadruple Grand Champion Alter, at only 11 mos.  In August Judge Paul Leary awarded him Best Alter which made him a SUPREME Grand Champion Alter, at only 1 yr. and 4months.

It has been a whirlwind year and a half and I can only thank my breeder and very good friend Mable Roberts and her mom Anette and also my husband for supporting me at every show.

Mr Bojangles
Mr Bojangles

Mr Bojangles is our door greeter, our alarm clock, our best devoted friend, my therapist  and all the company you will need!   (of course besides our children and grandchildren).

As you can see, he took over our hearts and also my husband’s leather chair!

So grateful to all our new friends, you know who you are, love you all.

Love,Holly and Chuck

P.S. There’s no reason you’d want any other pet but a RAGDOLL from Go for it, do it, you know you want to!!!

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  1. Mr. Bojangles is SO cute! I purchased my 2 raggies from Kasseldolls, so I’m so happy with how it all worked out!


  2. Mr. Bojangles surely deserves his big win… what a GORGEOUS boy he is!! You–and everyone at Willow Tree Rags–must be very proud. 🙂 (And, your story illustrates perfectly why Ragdolls are so very special: the beauty, the gentleness, the perpetual sense of wonder and fun, and the most delightful personalities, ever.)

  3. Dear Holly & Mr.BoJangles,
    There are no words to express my true appreciation to you both. I don’t know what I did to deserve such a wonderful friend, and I am truly touched by your sweet letter you sent in for “Ragdoll of the Week”. It is rare you find somebody so hard-working and dedicated to exhibiting their Ragdoll Alter flawlessly and so frequently in the TICA Show Halls. I couldn’t be more happy seeing you succeed alongside with me! I am lucky to call you a true, life-long friend. Your compliments are appreciated, but all of the credit belongs to YOU! You are the one who works so hard making Mr.BoJangles successful. I’m not sure anybody knows how truly spoiled Mr.BoJangles is… well, maybe those who have seen him at the cat shows DO know! LOL! I couldn’t wish for a more loving family, and owner for Mr. BoJangles. Holly, you are the BEST, and I am so honored to call you a friend and have my name on Mr.BoJangles!!
    Love Always,
    Mable Roberts

  4. Tracey Gonsalves-LaGrassa says:

    Mom, what a beautiful story..I’m so happy for you and Dad.

  5. Mr Bo is Mr Handsome!! I should know cause I have his just as handsome half brother!! 🙂 Love Bo!! He is such a sweetie!!

  6. He is so magestic and gorgeous! Congrats on winning too. Love the photo of him under the tree – that is priceless. Thanks for sharing his story.

  7. Mr B. Congratulations on all of your successes and your win at the 8th International Ragoll Congress. I was very happy to hear that from my mom who was there cheering you on. You are wonderful example of what a Ragdoll should be and my mom (Lisa) hopes to see you at other future shows with my step sibling when she/he is born and eligible to compete. Keep up the GREAT work!!

  8. Congratulations! Well done and he is truly a beautiful boy.

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