Misty – Ragdoll of the Week

Misty – a Blue Torbie Ragdoll Cat

Baby Misty just home from Nevins farm
Baby Misty just home from Nevins farm

Misty is an 8 year old Blue Torbie Ragdoll. She was one of 52 Ragdoll cats rescued by the MSPCA at Nevins Farm in Massachusetts. With the love and care of the staff at Nevins Farm, Misty along with her brothers and sisters were given a chance at life. We were notified by Nevins Farm that this hoard had been rescued, but they needed medical attention and we would be notified of our turn to pick out a kitten. When we arrived for our selection, there were many cages filled with all the different colors of Ragdoll kittens. We were chosen. When we opened one of the cages, Misty pushed her way thru the crowd and jumped into her new Mama’s hands. We already had Pumpkin, AKA Punkie, a Flame point Ragdoll, that we got from a rehoming situation, and also Stormy a Seal Point Siamese Ragdoll mix , he was also a rescue and is now 8 years old. Misty is The Queen of all she surveys. She loves to cuddle with her Mama and greets visitors regally to her kingdom.

Misty Ragdoll of the Week

A friend for Punkie.

Misty and Punkie Punkie passed at 14 years old he was my best friend
Punkie passed at 14 years old he was my best friend

Our reason for getting another cat was we thought Punkie would like a friend to keep him company. There was an ad in Pet finder for Ragdoll kittens. We contacted the shelter and sent our deposit. Weeks later we went to pick out our kitten from the two that were available. One tricky thing about Ragdoll cats is they get there color when they are older. So the picture below of what was said to be a Seal Point Ragdoll with a blaze, turned out to be a Ragdoll- Siamese mix. We were never told he was a purebred Ragdoll and did not pay much for him. He is a beautiful boy and we love him. There was no problem introducing him to Punkie, and they were best buds. Since Punkie passed away, Stormy still walks around looking for him.

Misty and StormyMisty and Stormy

This is why Misty is so special.

Soon after Stormy was settled in, we received a call from Nevins Farm about the hoard of 52 Ragdoll cats, we were told they were being quarantined for health issues and we would be called in about 4-6 weeks to pick out our kitten. I really wanted to see the kittens so we decided to take a ride to Nevins Farm. We did not see the Ragdoll kittens in any of the viewing rooms, and were told they were out back and no one can see them. We took a walk around the back side of the building and could see into the rooms with the cages. We came across the room with the Ragdoll kittens and could see in the window, I cannot explain how bad they looked, they were starved, and both the fur and eyes were infected. Some kittens were nursing on very sick mother cats. They had never been given food in bowls and had no litter boxes. The only information we received was, “We cannot explain just how bad the living conditions were”.

Misty 8 years old
Misty 8 years old

Misty’s comes home.

Stormy Misty and Punkie
Punkie, Misty and Stormy

We introduce Misty to Punkie and Stormy, she smelled so bad from the sulfur baths (this kills ringworm) they had no idea what she was. Punkie and Misty became friends, but to this day Stormy is still on the outs. Misty still has some imbedded problems, she has to have measured food, because she was starved, she will eat till she explodes. She is also very possessive of all her stuff, beds, toys, box’s, Stormy needs to stay 500 feet away. With people she likes to be the center of attention. She will sit on your lap, she purrs and likes to be hugged, and she will follow you around like puppy. Today Life is good for Misty.

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  1. Margaret Henderson says:

    Hi what a sad but happy ending story of Misty . She was so lucky and as you say chose you to care for her . She is beautiful . The photos of all of your cats are lovely and maybe as time goes on they will all get on. I can’t believe how cruel some humans are and would lock them up in cages when you see what they do to these wonderful animals. Thank you for sharing. story and enjoy Misty and her siblings

  2. Thank you for saving Misty from the hoarding situation. I can’t imagine what those kitties go through and what horrors the rescuers see. Thank goodness for people who are willing to this work. Misty is beautiful and I think she has good reason to want “her” stuff! My Emily came from a loving family and is possessive about everything in the house! I love the picture of all three kitties in front of the fireplace- the definition of comfortable cats. So sorry you lost Punkie and I hope Misty and Stormy eventually become buddies. Thanks for sharing her story!


  3. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for your wonderful story about your GORGEOUS Misty, STUNNING Punkie (RIP Sweet Pumpkin) and BEAUTIFUL Stormy! I am so very sorry about the loss of your precious Punkie. Bless your heart for choosing a Ragdoll that needed to be rehomed. Punkie looks very satisfied, happy and content in the pics above so he obviously had a wonderful life and lots of love from you! And God Bless You for choosing to rescue Stormy and Misty and giving them the gift of love, a wonderful furever home and good health and happiness! I can’t even imagine the horror those rescuers from Nevin Farms encounered with those 52 Raggies. Poor little kittehs and kittens. Thank goodness for places like Nevin Farms and their staff of wonderful folks!

    The pics of your babies are just wonderful! The last pic of Misty at 8 years old is SO AMAZINGLY STUNNING! Lurve her fluffiness and torbie markings!!! GORGEOUS!

    Wishing you, Misty and Stormy many more years of happiness, love, good health and awesome purry adventures together!

    Big hugs & lots of love!

    Patti & Miss Pink Sugarbelle 🙂 <3

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