Interview With Pet Talker Jann Howell

Ruby and Jan
Ruby and Jan asked Jann Howell, a pet talker, to answer some questions we had about animal communication as well as questions about her services. Thank you, Jann for the interview.

Jann Howell is based in Greenville, South Carolina.

Answers are Copyright of Jann Howell.

1. How long have you been communicating with animals?

Pretty much my entire life although for a long time I thought I was making it up.

2. How does one communicate with animals?

The same way you do with other people. You introduce yourself and say why you want to talk. You ask what the animal likes to do, etc. The main difference is the way the animal communicates with you, which is in a variety of ways. They may show you pictures, send you smells, send you sensations, or you may actually hear words.

3. Can you share with us, one of your favorite animal communication stories?  How it impacted the owner or the animal or both?

This woman with a dobie called and was going to put her dog down because the dobie would grab her children’s wrists and hands in her mouth. The mom thought the dobie wanted to play but she was too rough with these young children and she didn’t want anything bad to happen. I said – What are you telling your dog? She said – Don’t bite the children! And I said – what do you picture when I say – Don’t bite the children? She said – biting the children. So she quickly figured out she needed to tell her dog the behavior she wanted and not what she didn’t want. I spoke with the dog and told her how much the mom loved her but she was very concerned about her 2-legged children and that she (the dobie) could not use her mouth any more. The woman called me about a week later and said her sweet dog immediately stopped using her mouth and played with the children safely.  I once talked to a woman with 19 cats! I expected there to be a lot of bickering but somehow this woman set up their environment so that all of them were happy and co-existed very well together. I helped her fine tune things but basically she had done a miraculous job on her own!

4. Do you prefer to communicate with younger or older animals?

Both are pretty good fun but in different ways.

5. Do you prefer to communicate with a certain type of animal?  I mean, do you do better with cats, dogs, horses?  Do you even talk to reptiles?

All animals have individual personalities. Just like people, some animals are shy, some talk a lot, some are polite, etc. I have talked to all kinds of animals, including lions in Africa and a baby ocelot and an adult jaguar in Peru. And there are always surprises. For example, a piranha in Peru was very meek and really wanted to know why they had such a bad name with humans. Humans kill other animals and eat them, so why do we think a piranha who eats other fish is so horrible? He really was quite perplexed about it.

I love talking with all kinds of different animals because each species is a little different and within the species, each animal is different.

6. How do your services work?  Do you come to my home?  Do I bring my pet to you?  Do you communicate LIVE over the phone or in person?

I request a photo of your animal(s), their names, ages, sex and city, town where you live. You call me on the phone, I start talking with your animals and share this with you.

7. What do you charge for your services?  Do you have a package deal?

Check my website for more details on that. Additionally, I cut my prices for rescue groups.

8. Why do you think animal communication is valuable?

Animals know what we are thinking and saying. Why not close the loop and know what our companion friends are thinking and saying?

9. Do you think if a vet would incorporate animal communication into their practice it would be helpful?

Indeed. Many times vets have a choice as to treatment and they usually ask the human which route to go. But it would be so much better to ask the animal which route they would prefer.

10. Are you able to communicate with an animal in the after life?  How does that work?

This is really no different than chatting with an animal in this life. You are speaking spirit to spirit. Some animals in the after life, however, show you pictures of the most marvelous things that aren’t found on the physical plane.

Bio for Jann

In the 1980s Jann realized she had a special gift of communicating with animals. She took animal communicator classes as well as classes in meditation, healing, clairvoyance, herbs and Reiki. (She is a Reiki Master). She has been working with energies and talking to animals for more than 25 years. She also uses music as a healing modality with animals.

She is an avid hiker and that has allowed her to speak with wild animals. These beautiful creatures are so different in their communications because they have not adapted to mankind but rather observed us. She also traveled to Kenya and spoke with many of those animals. She just returned from the rainforest in Peru where she spoke with many of those animals.

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