Petssential Freeze Dried Quail Egg Yolk Toppers

Petssential’s freeze-dried quail egg yolks are an excellent option for any cat owner who wants to either add a healthy and nutritious topper to their cat’s meal or as a special treat.

Petssential Freeze-Dried Quail Egg Yolk Toppers

Available in both powdered form and as solid whole egg yolks, it’s a good supplement for your cat’s regular diet if you want to boost their immune system, improve the health of their coat or make sure that your cat’s food is being eaten.

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Freeze Dried Quail Egg Yolk: Ingredients and Nutritional Benefits

There are no artificial ingredients or additives – the product is 100% raw quail egg yolks.

The powder is designed to be mixed into your cat’s food or sprinkled over the top, while the whole yolks can be served either as a treat snack or by being crushed up over the meal – it depends on what your cat enjoys most.

It’s a good choice for anyone giving their cat to try raw foods, as the freeze-dried quail egg yolks and toppers are a tasty treat that will encourage your kitty to eat the rest of the food in their bowl. The reviews of the yolks are exceptionally popular, with cats (and dogs) almost unanimously loving the taste of the eggs. You can see in the videos on this page that the same was true for my two.

It’s not just about encouraging your cat with their raw food diet, though, as these are packed with good nutrients and vitamins in their own right, making a great addition to a diet provided they are given in moderation.

Quail eggs are also an excellent alternative to chicken egg products or duck eggs if your kitty is currently avoiding those meats as part of their regular diet – quail eggs provide you with an extra choice that doesn’t spoil their food plan.

If you opt for whole yolks, each quail egg yolk is the perfect size as a one-off snack, although you must be careful not to overfeed your kitty. The recommended amounts are:

  • Cats under 10lb – 2-4 yolks per week
  • Cats 10lb-25lb – 4-6 yolks per week

The recommendation is for a per-meal allowance if you choose the powdered version. It would be best if you fed your cat:

  • Cats under 10lb – ¼ teaspoon with each meal
  • Cats 10lb-25lb – ½ teaspoon with each meal

To make everything a little easier, a wooden spoon is provided that gives a ¼ teaspoon measurement.

Your pets will enjoy many potential benefits with quail egg yolk added to their diet. The yolks contain:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
  • Folate
  • Fatty acids
  • Selenium
  • Lecithin

The nutrient content of quail egg yolks helps them enjoy a healthy, shiny coat with fur that falls out less regularly, specifically thanks to the lecithin. The minerals also prevent the skin from drying out, so your cat’s body is much healthier overall.

They’re also a rich source of fat and iron, which is good for providing your cat energy, but also why you must provide it in moderation – too many quail egg yolks will be unhealthy for your cat as they may gain weight, potentially leading to obesity and issues with cholesterol.

Petssential Freeze-Dried Quail Egg Yolk Toppers guaranteed analysis
Petssential Freeze-Dried Quail Egg Yolk Toppers’ Guaranteed Analysis

But that iron also has another benefit – it can boost your kitty’s immune system, helping them fight off harmful bacteria and giving them the energy and nutrients needed to stay fit and healthy.

Overall, quail eggs are a fantastic source of protein, the number one nutrient your cat needs as a carnivore.

As a side note, while this product is 100% freeze-dried quail egg yolk, anyone serving their cat a raw food diet should consider adding some eggshell into their cat’s diet as a source of calcium – it’s excellent for strengthening bones.

Egg white isn’t beneficial to cats, and it includes the biotin-binding protein Avidin, which can prevent your cat from absorbing beneficial biotin. A biotin deficiency is rare, but there’s no worth in adding egg white to the diet, which is why these yolks are sold without it.

Storage and Sizes

The egg yolks are freeze-dried when raw. Freeze-drying is a process that uses cold temperatures to dry out food instead of heat.

This is more beneficial because heat causes valuable nutrients to degrade. Freeze-drying offers the preservation benefit, allowing yolks to be stored for up to a year before being added to your pets’ meals without killing the good vitamins and minerals. Freeze-drying removes more moisture too, which helps to prolong the shelf life of the egg yolks.

While the yolks can be stored for up to a year when sealed, they are most fresh if eaten within a month of opening. Therefore, they should be kept in a cool, dark place and do not need to be stored in the refrigerator.

Quail egg is a safer raw egg to feed your cats than regular chicken eggs. In addition, because quails have a higher body temperature and the eggs contain the enzyme lysozyme, they can’t harbor salmonella.

Humans can even safely eat raw quail eggs – although the Petssentials freeze-dried quail egg yolks are for dogs and cats and are not rated for human consumption.

The Petssentials quail egg yolks for cats come in different sizes. If you choose the powder, you can buy either a 3.5 oz jar or a 7 oz jar. The 3.5 oz jar contains approximately 50-60 whole egg yolks blended into a powder, so it’s no surprise that the 7 oz jar contains between 100 and 120 yolks.

If you’d prefer the whole egg yolks, there is one size of jar available – a 5.3 oz option that contains between 60 and 75 egg yolks – they are not a uniform size, so if you get fewer, that’s because you’ve got bigger yolks.

And there’s also the option of placing a custom order with the company if you want a bigger batch. Shipping is available across the US and Canada and to countries within the European Union. However, it dispatches from the US, so orders to Europe will take a few weeks to arrive.

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