Quail Egg Yolk for Cats

The Petssential’s Freeze Dried Quail Egg Yolks are a delicious and nutritious food for your cat that is ideal as a topper for a raw food diet, or as an occasional snack. This 100% natural product offers numerous potential health benefits for your cat.

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Available as both a powder and as whole egg yolks, these quail egg yolk for cats have been carefully freeze-dried which means they last significantly longer than fresh egg yolks and still retain the majority of the nutritional benefit, compared to air drying which kills many nutrients when heat is applied.

These quail egg yolks are packed with protein, and are a good choice if you’re trying to avoid traditional eggs or chicken products in general. They have no additives at all – the only ingredient is quail egg yolk.

As well as protein, they are a good source of various beneficial vitamins and nutrients, including vitamin A, vitamin B12, riboflavin (vitamin B2), selenium, folate and fatty acids. They are also rich in fat and iron, helping to keep your kitty feeling energetic and also boosts their immune system.

They also contain lecithin, which has been proven to help maintain a healthy coat, preventing loss of hair, whilst simultaneously preventing skin from drying out.

These egg yolks are very rich in protein and fat, and so while they can be fed to your cat as part of a balanced diet, it’s important to moderate how much they are eating.

Cats under 10lb should be given either 2-4 whole egg yolks per week, or ¼ teaspoon with every meal. Cats 10-25lb should be given 4-6 yolks per week, or ½ teaspoon with every meal. With the powdered egg yolk, a wooden spoon measuring a quarter teaspoon is provided for ease.

The egg yolks can be shipped to North America, Canada, and countries in the European Union (so not the UK).

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