Fresh Is Best Turkey Tenders

The Fresh Is Best Turkey Tenders are 100% muscle, one ingredient meat treat you can give your pets to supplement their diet, feed between meals, or as a training treat.


An all-natural snack, Fresh Is Best uses ethically sourced cage-free turkey raised without hormones or antibiotics. The raw meat treat is grain and gluten-free and does not include artificial preservatives or fillers, making it suitable for pets with allergies.

The turkey tenders are slowly freeze-dried and vacuum sealed in high oxygen barrier packaging to preserve all nutrients and freshness of raw meat, making them a nourishing treat for your pets. You can use them for up to two weeks without refrigerating them after opening them.

You can break the big chunks into smaller pieces and add them to meals your pets might not be too interested in eating.

Perfect for all breeds and sizes of dogs and cats, the pieces make for convenient feeding and can be fed dry or after rehydrating by adding equal amounts of water.

Ragdoll Cats Try Fresh Is Best Turkey Tenders

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