Fresh Is Best Silverside Minnows

The Fresh Is Best Silverside Minnows is a nutritious, easy-to-feed raw meat snack for your pets made of human-quality ingredients, offering convenience while ensuring their best health and well-being.


The Fresh is Best Silver Minnows are a high-quality, wild-harvested pet treat without added hormones or artificial preservatives. 100% natural, the seafood treat is packed with nutrients and tastes like fresh raw meat that dogs and cats naturally love to eat in the wild.

It is slowly freeze-dried and packed in high oxygen barrier bags to maintain freshness and aroma. You can use it refrigerated upon opening it for up to two weeks.

The Silverside Minnows can be served to dogs and cats of all types and sizes as a topper or a full meal replacement, such as while traveling. You can feed them dry or wet by rehydrating with equal amounts of warm water.

Ragdoll Cat Charlie Loves the Fresh is Best Minnows

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