Whole Life RealFoodie Cat Treats

The Whole Life RealFoodie cat treats are healthy treats for your cat. These treats are free from chemicals and additives. They are made from fresh meat that is freeze dried to keep as many of the nutrients as possible. You can choose between chicken breast, tuna filet and skinless wild salmon fillet.


Finding healthy treats for your cat can be difficult because most products on the market are unhealthy because they are packed with additives, preservatives, and chemicals. Whole Life RealFoodie cat treats are a very good choice for healthy cat treats because they are made from human-grade meat and nothing else.

Their treats are freeze-dried to lock in both the flavor and the nutrients in the meat. One of the options is chicken breast, which is fully cooked and ready-to-serve grilled chicken that is freeze-dried to preserve it in a healthy way. Another option is the Wild Salmon Fillet or Tuna Fillets, which are portioned, skinless, and boneless grilled salmon or tuna fillet freeze-dried into delicious treats.

When you open the bag of Whole Life treats, you can actually see the piece of meat – chicken or salmon, and you can break it into small bits and feed it to your cat as it is or you can rehydrate it to put a new spin on this delicious treat. Take a look at our video on how to rehydrate Whole Life cat teats!

If you want to find out if Trigg and Charlie liked Whole Life RealFoodie cat treats, check out our unboxing video and our product review, for even more info on these healthy delicious treats.

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