Fresh Is Best Lamb Spleen Fillets

The Fresh Is Best Lamb Spleen Fillets are a healthy, minimally processed treat for dogs and cats of any breed or size, which you can conveniently feed on the go or while training when a full meal might not be an option.


Made with high-quality organ, the fillets are grain and gluten free and contain no added preservatives or fillers. The lamb is pasture-raised ethically without antibiotics or hormones, which means it is a 100% natural and nutrient-dense snack for your pet.

The product is slowly freeze-dried and is vacuum sealed in high oxygen barrier packaging. Accordingly, the fillets maintain freshness for a longer time and possess the flavor of raw meat, which cats and dogs naturally like to eat.

The Fresh Is Best Lamb Spleen Fillets can go unrefrigerated for up to two weeks from the time you open it and can be fed to your pet dry or wet after rehydrating with equal amounts of water.

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